10 Questions With Kasra V As He Celebrates 10 Years With NTS And The Launch Of V-Sion

Iranian Born, London based DJ Kasra V (Kasra Vaseghi) has just released a fresh compilation of his hyperdelic songs to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his residency at NTS. Releasing in conjunction with the launch of his new record label V-Sion and a show at Amsterdam Radio Radio this Friday, the year is shaping up to be a big one for the songster. 

With over 200 shows on the London radio station tucked tightly under his belt, the fresh compilation, dubbed 10:10, features unreleased tracks from some of the most revered guests to have accompanied him on NTS over the years, including Kim Ann Foxman, Spray, Fantastic Man, Sepehr, Alex Kassian, Angel D’lite, Byron Yeates and Brandi and Marie Malarie. The result is a fervorous blend of intoxicating sounds that summarise the DJ’s electric signature, while ensuring that you’ll be counting down the days till the weekend so you can go see him behind the booth. 

Dubbed the breakout DJ of 2023, V is renowned for his ability to weave an incredibly rich tapestry of tracks influenced by his time spent in London as well as his Iranian heritage. Demonstrating a deep knowledge of music, the artist hopes to use his archive to propel his vision of dance music which mixes local Middle Eastern sounds with more contemporary pop beats and electronic vibrations. 

Here, we sit down with Kasra V to discuss what to can expected from V-Sion, his dream guests and who he is listening to at the moment.

1. How would you describe your sonic style in three words? 

Percussive, sonic, cuddle.

2. What inspires you the most as a DJ and producer? 

Humans who are true to their art and instinct. All the crazy geniuses who don’t care about other people’s opinion and trust their gut. They are the most inspiring to me in a world where it’s becoming more and more normalised to be the same.

3. You moved to London when you were 17 – how has the city impacted the music you play & create? 

London is incredible for its diversity in art, clothing, and music. Whatever niche you’re interested in, you can explore it deeply while also being exposed to things outside your usual preferences. The city’s high level of competition is both a blessing and a challenge. It teaches me to trust my inner voice more and more.

4. What does it feel like to be celebrating 10 years on NTS? 

I can’t really put it into words but I’m happy and ecstatic. I’m proud of everyone at NTS for growing with integrity. If you had told me when I first started that I would be doing this for 10 years, I wouldn’t have believed it, but here we are. 

5. You’re launching your label, V-Sion, to commemorate the anniversary. What do you want this label to represent and why?

I want it to be bold both sonically and visually. My goal is to explore a variety of sounds, much like my radio shows have done over the years. On the visual side, there will be guest artists, with overall creative direction by Morteza Vaseghi.

6. What made you want to release a compilation of unreleased tracks as the first drop on the label? 

It took me 10 years to start a label. I felt I had to come in strong. I also wanted it to feature close friends. Since many of the shows featured guest appearances, I wanted to maintain that same spirit. I enjoy being a host.

7. Why are radio stations like NTS so important to London’s contemporary music culture? 

Independent radio stations play a crucial role in promoting independent music, not just in London but worldwide. They serve as excellent starting points for DJs and producers. You can really take your career to a different level if that is your wish.

8. Who is your absolute dream guest to have on the show (dead or alive)?

Dead: Vangelis; Alive: Junior Vasquez. 

9. Who are some upcoming DJs everyone should have on their radar? 

Bethan and DJ Teeth.

10. What are you most excited about in the next few months? 

Throwing the first two label parties to celebrate the release of the compilation. London at Venue MOT with Byron Yeates and Marie Malarie. Amsterdam at Radio Radio with Angel D’lite.

Photography courtesy of Kasra V.


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