Winnie Harlow is Next in Fendi’s Baguette Friends Forever Series

Despite the fact that you currently might be annoyed by the amount of toilet paper they’re using (far too much!), your best friend is a best friend for a reason. It’s the person you know you can trust the most and share everything with – including that one piece from your wardrobe you wouldn’t want to let anyone else come near by. It’s that notion of sharing and caring that Fendi’s #BaguetteFriendsForever project is all about. Next in their ongoing series is Winnie Harlow and her real-life BFF and just-as-stunning Shannon Hamilton, as the duo takes us back to some brighter times that came before. As always, the project follows a storyline of two friends who, in this case, dream of being together, but are separated with miles between them. Sounds familiar? Well, thanks to the transporting power of fragrance in Fendi’s Frenesia scented Baguette bag, the two come together and spend that perfect day of doing everything and nothing while roaming around Miami.

With nothing left but look forward to spending those never-ending weekends with your BFF, we’ll take the Winnie & Shannon in the mean-time as our fantasy protagonists, of course clad in the best of Silvia Venturini Fendi’s preppy, retro SS20 collection reminiscent of the cast of Clueless. Stay indoors, dream of fabulous bags and make sure to phone a friend… And just before you know it, you’ll be strolling down a sun-kissed avenue with your BFF in one hand and a Baguette in the other.

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