Aniye Records: Ready-To-Wear SS24

Storming confidently toward a fresh dimension of femininity, Alessandra Marchi’s SS24 collection for her brand Aniye Records – aptly entitled Hot Revolution – bid to contest the stereotypes that come with conformity. 

This “combative femininity”, as she calls it, stampedes into a brand new interpretation of military style where the crisp, chauvinistic and conservative details of a uniform have been reconstructed with finer, more ethereal, fabrics, softer expressions and gentler volumes. Arriving in the form of utilitarian bikinis with cheekily placed pockets and gold buttons worn with billowing chiffon capes, elegantly perverted corset-like lace negligees worn with frilly lace stockings with gossamer cargo compartments, and distressed knit twinsets with skinny flare trousers and asymmetric tops peppered with black opalescent beads, it was something of a gothic take on baroque boudoir with undertones of military grit and a hint of forest fairy. 

Aniye Records’ army arrived wrapped in diaphanous chiffon, with plunging necklines and elongated ruffles that lapped in the wind with every steadfast stomp they took on the runway. Their glittering see-through slips and lavish layers of lace came alongside army green cargo hot pants that had a chiffon fringe and were peppered with baby pink satin bows – those coquettish garnishings became like the mark of the rebellion. Elsewhere, a slew of tulle and lace bodysuits were worn under cropped blazers with gossamer sleeves or crisp moto-jackets that jutted out over slinky swathes of canary yellow chiffon. 

Beautiful and beguiling, brave and bellicose, it was seriously moreish hot girl stuff. Aniye Records is taking charge; bring on the Hot Revolution.

Photography courtesy of Aniye Records.

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