Tis The Season: See The Best Holiday Campaigns

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the best gift of all – brands far and wide are unveiling their comfy-cosy, super-cutesy and glitter-infested festive campaigns. From Burberry’s adorable ducklings to Guess’s escape to the Italian Riviera, we pick our favourite holiday-themed fashion ads of 2023. Tis the season! Charlotte Swindells


In a world ruled by the hustle and bustle, the Loewe Holidays’ Collection arrives as a breath of fresh air – a captivating festive celebration peppered with uplifting colours, seasonal sparkle and an eclectic cast of enchanting characters. Embodying the essence of craft and the spirit of giving,  the collection is introduced in a short documentary film by Yusuke Ishida, inviting us to explore a curated world where whimsy reigns supreme.

At the heart of the holiday narrative is a collaboration with Kyoto-based ceramics studio Suna Fujita. Founders Shohei Fujita and Chisato Yamano – who draw inspiration from the natural world and life with their son and dog to infuse teapots, cups and plates with imagination and childhood memories – transport their menagerie of lemurs, otters, birds and more to knitwear, jersey and denim, signature bags, slippers, wallets and accessories.

What’s really special though, is that the link-up benefits a good cause with a portion of the proceeds from every Loewe x Suna Fujita purchase being donated to Save the Children’s Education in Emergencies program which ensures safe and protective learning environments for children in humanitarian crisis situations around the globe. 

Mark your calendars – the Loewe Holidays Collection launches in stores and online on November 16, inviting you to trek through a world where the joy of giving is seamlessly woven into every stitch, every detail and every unique character. Will you join us in this whimsical exploration of style, craft and compassion? Discover the collection here. CS

Directed by Yusuke Ishida.


An alabaster, carpet-covered room stands frozen in time, framed by rustic antiques seemingly untouched by the relentless march of years. In the centre, Miu Miu muse Emma Corrin loafs around decked in crystal-embellished cardigans, librarian-style eyeglasses and lush twinsets, becoming the epitome of off-kilter elegance in a private room, a home, so stark and open to infinite possibilities its almost poetic. Collaborating with Marshall to create a joint line of iconic products and with Polaroid for cameras complete with branded web camera straps, Corrin’s ensembles evoke classically sophisticated dress codes and unlikely stylings as she basks, cultured and confident in her own skin. Discover more. CS

Photography by Zoë Ghertner.


We wish you A Wasty Holiday! Coachtopia’s debut holiday campaign revolves around the enchanting tale of Wasty, a loveable, eclectically crafted creature with a penchant for rescuing discarded items. Partnering with actor Lola Tung, Wasty embarks on a mission to transform fashion industry waste into beautiful Coachtopia creations including bags, accessories, cosy clothes and wallets.

The heartwarming fable serves as both an origin story for Coachtopia – a circularity focussed Coach sub-brand – and a wake-up call to the serious and enduring issue of holiday waste which accounts for 43 percent more rubbish that any other time of year. 

A Wasty Holiday calls for a world where waste becomes art, and where even the most unlikely materials can become transformative tools. Shop festive finds made with waste here. CS

“A Waste Holiday” is made in partnership with Stockholm-based creative studio APE_CC and director Jason Yan Francis.


Ducks, dogs and adorable accessories, Burberry’s 2023 holiday campaign – Daniel Lee’s first festive ad – playfully inspires the art of gift giving and festive dressing this holiday season.

A beagle, a symbol of loyalty and companionship, represents the warmth and togetherness that the holiday season often brings. Its presence adds a touch of heartwarming nostalgia to the campaign, reminding us of the cherished bonds we celebrate during this time.

Ducks, add a dash of playfulness to the campaign with their charming quirkiness, and remind us that the holidays are a time to embrace joy and laughter.

Burberry’s campaign serve a reminder that fashion is not just about looking good this festive period, it’s about feeling good and expressing yourself. The obscure images encourage us to embrace the unexpected, infuse our festivities with whimsy and remind us that the holiday season is the perfect canvas for creativity and self-expression. Shop here. CS

Photography by Roe Ethridge


The holiday season often arrives as a whirlwind of glittering celebrations, but Prada’s Holiday 2023 campaign takes a different path. It offers a moment of serenity, a private celebration and a personal playground; a reminder that the true magic of the holiday often lies in the quiet spaces we create for ourselves.

The magical holiday ad, lensed by the indelible Willy Vanderperre, transports us to a realm centred around life-size silver baubles, or “private spheres” as the maison calls them, where festive celebrations can be deeply personal. Each seated in their own chrome sphere, four world-renowned stars – Maya Hawke, Damson Idris, Louis Partridge, and Kim Tae-Ri – gracefully play themselves.

As we enter into 2023’s holiday season, we suggest you take a page from Prada’s book and create your own sphere of serenity. Enter the Privatesphere here. CS

Photography by Willy Vanderperre.


Elegance, history and timeless beauty come together in a harmonious dance for Chanel’s end of year watches and fine jewellery campaign. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Château de Chenonceau – often referred to as the “Ladies’ Château” due to its remarkable history of being shaped and influenced by several extraordinary women – Yoon Young Bae, Kim Schell and Adesuwa Aighewi are whisked away from confines of their bedroom and carried out – still in the comfort of their own, mesmerising Chanel gold bed – to the enchanting castle with its grateful arches stretching out over the Cher River. As they gracefully floats throughout the historic hallways of the Château, they leave a trail of Christmas wonder, decadent bijouterie and terrific timepieces in their wake.

Titled A Magical Morning with Chanel, the model’s discover their dream Chanel gifts – a selection of Coco Crush, Camélia and N°5 Fine Jewellery pieces, as well as J12 and Première watches – along the way, while the Château’s history becomes interwoven with Chanel’s modern jewellery and watch designs. Give wonder, give Chanel. Discover A Magical Morning With Chanel here. CS


Picture this: the enchanting Place Vendôme, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s effortless beauty and a sprinkle of holiday magic – it’s all part of the Valentino Paris, A Night’s Tale campaign. Gracing the grand, gracious and mystical grounds of the neoclassical square, Huntington-Whiteley steps into the role of the ultimate hostess for a tale rooted in celebration and sophistication.

Valentino doesn’t just unveil looks, it unravels a feast for the eyes. From soft shades with a relaxed attitude to crystal mini dresses that scream party perfection, the maison offers an exclusive array of holiday must-haves. There are even feather jumpers, tweed and crêpe couture jackets and high-end denim options – all in the spirit of the season.

Now, let’s talk accessories – the crown jewels of any ensemble. The Valentino Garavani VLogo Moon bag makes a bold entrance here and to complete the offering of accessories are the new Valentino Garavani Rose-Rouche 1959 pumps, the iconic Valentino Garavani Rockstud pumps and the ballerinas.

Accompanying the campaign, is a short film that features the English model brushing her hair, a moment of intimate elegance that captions the anticipation of the evening ahead. The soft lighting accentuates her grace, creating a visual symphony as she prepares for what seems to be a grand event. Each stroke of the brush becomes part of the prelude to the dazzling evening ahead. Shop now. CS

Photography by Theo Wenner


The sea breeze gently kisses the shores of Bagni Alpemare in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, where Guess embarks on a voyage like no other. In the company of Italian sensation Matteo Bocelli and Oriola Marshi, the brand’s holiday campaign unfolds like a dreamy odyssey, capturing the heart and soul of the Italian Riviera. Backdropped by Villa Alpebella, a venue that has played host to the whole who’s who of celebrities, its a glamorous love story envisioned by Ukranian female duo Vicoolya and Saida and told by the two singers who sport luxe party garb and warm weather essentials with a uniquely Italian charm.

The collection, which exudes a sophisticated, retro-modern style, includes an array of hour-glass dresses, debonair suits, trousers and twinsets that showcase the Guess’s unmistakable elegance, offering a blend of timeless and contemporary edge. The black and white images evoke the romantic ambiance of the Italian Riviera, harking back to the villa’s legacy as the ultimate ‘place to be’.

The holiday season, like the Riviera itself, invites viewers to sail into a world of timeless allure dictated by Guess. Shop here. CS


The holidays are a time to come together and to reunite with loved ones; often over an epic feast. But before the food comes out, a decadent and festive display takes shape on the table – its even better if that display is decked in Dior. Revealing a new holiday range that echoes its 2024 cruise collection, Dior is bringing the holiday’s home. The new and exclusive line presents crockery, table linens, candles and notebooks. Inspired by Frida Kahlo and reimagined by Pietro Ruffo, the brand’s “the Butterfly Around the World” motif is carried throughout, embodying the wondrous spirit of the collection. The selection is completed with an exclusive vase and a decorative box created in collaboration with the Manufacture des émaux de Longwy. Symbolising excellence in craftsmanship and the enchanting magic of winter, the items are available in limited editions at Dior boutiques. Amalia Aleyeva


The holiday season… its a good’un. Even better with Louis Vuitton. As the brand unveils the 2024 edition of its seasonal gift guide, a comfy cozy, winter wonderland campaign comes in clutch. Touching up a section of hero bags, jewellery and additional accessories, delve into the house’s magical universe of holiday festivities. Also included is Louis Vuitton’s first-ever tableware collection which features porcelain dishes, glasses and carafes that celebrate the maison’s Monogram flower with a dreamy, contemporary touch. EP


As the crisp air heralds the arrival of the holiday season, Gucci welcomes you to its much-anticipated Gift campaign. This year’s offering, a manifestation of Sabato De Sarno’s creative prowess, pays homage to the essence of a free-spirited family, echoing the sentiments that have defined the Gucci Ancora collection since its debut in September.

Captured through the lens of Anothny Seklaoui, the campaign transforms homely atmospheres into festive wonderlands, radiating with joy and love. Each frame encapsulates moments of simple, beautiful reality-testament to the magic that happens when genuine connections are celebrated.

The Gucci Gift Collection boasts of a curated selection designed to inspire the art of gifting. Redefined texture, sleek silhouettes and sparkly details define a wardrobe that is as sophisticated as it is enchanting. The iconic Gucci bag collection showcases a variety of colour variations and materials, adorned with metallic elements and embellishments that add a touch of glamour to every ensemble. The Horsebit motif, gracefully adorning shoes, handbags and leather accessories, as well as jackets, denims and silks, extends its reach across the entire Gucci Gift narrative, infusing sophistication and rich history into the campaign.

It’s not just about fashion though; it’s a journey through dedicated set-ups that bring the Horsebit to life. Gucci Gift pop-ups in Paris, London, Shenzhen and Bangkok are open throughout November and December, transporting you to a charming realm of gift boxes, playfully sealed with the maison’s signature Horsebit hardware. These boxes tantalise with the allure of the unknown, beckoning you to uncover high-end surprises within. This holiday season, let Gucci be your guide to the art of gifting. CS

Photography by Anthony Seklaoui.


As the festive season approaches, Cartier, the epitome of timeless elegance and luxury, has once again unwrapped a dazzling Christmas campaign that promises to captivate hearts and rekindle the spirit of the holidays. Inspired by architectural elements from its very own boutiques, the Fabulous House is an imaginary Cartier boutique that lifts off the ground and journeys across the night sky leaving a trail of precious gifts in its wake. As the iconic stores of the Maison float gracefully over majestic mountains, they’re anchored by none other than the brand’s iconic red jewellery boxes that, instead of mere containers, now act as whimsical balloons, carrying its legacy to new heights.

Envision a diamond ring that resembles a solitaire set-up delicately placed amid glistening snowflakes, while above, the celestial expanse hosts an ethereal display of Cartier Fabulous House as it watches over the fine jewelleries below. Elsewhere, the paved Trinity ring twinkles above Paris and luxe wristwatches sit in the snow. The Love bracelet is also featured and if you’re looking to make it a truly personal gift, add a monogram or a message with the Maison’s engraving services.

In the world of Cartier, each creation is not just a gift; it’s an experience, a moment frozen in time. This Christmas let the red boxes from Cartier become vessels of joy, as they carry with them the spirited magic of the season. CS


The holiday season can be stressful for even the most Kirstie Allsopp-ified person you know. An assault on every sense (and bank account), the festive period provides little rest for the wicked. Luckily, JW Anderson, like a breath of the crispest, freshest December air, has released its 2023 holiday campaign. Stripping away the elaborate and perhaps – controversially – overdone winter wonderland backdrop, JW Anderson deploys the deepest cherry red, holly leaf green, mint green, cobalt and icy blue sets to consolidate its Christmas theme, but not be too on the nose. As one model wears a boxy tailored coat and a pair of workwear jeans, the British designer wafts away the usual festive sparkles and instead provides insight into a truly comfortable vision of Christmas. Elsewhere, the London label’s buttery yellow Corner Bag is shown in a sumptuous slouchy leather and putting all our Christmas stockings to shame, and a bejewelled Bumper Bag fit for the top of the Christmas tree.

Much like the brown wrapping paper craze that swept the nation a few years ago, JW Anderson has proven that a pared-back festive period might be the best – its definitely the chicest. Scrawling the innately British saying ‘Happy Hols’ in a chalk marker type font, the campaign feels somewhat akin to the endearing handmade Christmas cards that crop up around this time of year. Photographed by Joe Cruz, the satisfyingly grainy images feel like looking back at film photos from past Christmases and create a genuinely nostalgic, warming ambience in general. Catch us twiddling our thumbs as we wait for our invites to the JW Anderson Christmas table. Olivia Barrett

Photography by Joe Cruz.


Manolo Blahnik has once again proven that this really is the most wonderful time of the year with the release of its 2023 holiday campaign. In typical Blahnik style, the campaign visuals ooze festive footwear glamour, with a pair of satin, Rudolph-red heeled pumps, finished with a bejewelled wreath fitted across the strap coming to the fore. As tiny-fied winter scenes with forest green pine trees, cosy cottages and red-breasted robins form the backdrop, pairs of silver and gold slingback pumps adorn an ever-so lucky polar bear sculpture while mischievous robin figures peck around a pair of candy-wrapper kitten heel mules. While a pair of velvet midnight blue slippers are sure to put your dad’s novelty Christmas socks to utter shame, the entire campaign spotlights satisfyingly classic Christmas colourways and visuals. Our usual deployment of festive slippers worn in the kitchen and lounge will simply no longer suffice, a sumptuous pair of Manolos worn whilst mainlining pigs in blankets will be how we move forward. Merry Manolos indeed! OB

Photography by Katrina Lawston Johnston.


For its 2023 holiday campaign, Berluti presents Les Passe-Temps (which is French for ‘hobbies’ or ‘pastimes’ for of us who’re linguistically uninclined). For many, the festive season presents some much needed downtime and a return to nostalgic simplicity, with adult children returning to their parent’s homes, quality time and of course, Quality Street being shared amongst people who make us feel warm. Berluti leans into this warmth with its imagining of the holiday season, showcasing a collection of truly beautiful objects and classic games that have been elevated to a luxury level. With grand candles, housed in immaculate leather cases, Berluti places the importance of atmosphere at the heart of its vision for the festive season. With a set of Venezia leather and wooden dominos, as well as a supremely dazzling brass and leather Solitaire set all on offer, it’s clear that Berluti is appreciating the art of enjoying time spent with friends and family, playing games and catching up around cedar and palo santo scented candles. Suddenly our 15 year old Buckaroo sets are looking slightly worse for wear… OB

Photography by James E Harvey-Kelly.

Top Image: Photography by Roe Ethridge for Burberry’s 2023 Holiday Campaign.


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