Prada Heads To The ‘Privatesphere’ With Its 2023 Holiday Campaign

We know what you’re thinking: why, oh why, are we banging on about Christmas when Halloween hasn’t even happened yet? Well, because Prada is, and when Prada speaks, we listen.

Leading the charge in serving seasonal suggestions for dressing up, gift giving and merrymaking this season, Prada is slipping into the Privatesphere with a magical holiday campaign centred around life-size silver baubles, or “private spheres” as the maison calls them. 

Amid a fantastical space-scape, Willy Vanderperre captures Maya Hawke, Damson Idris, Louis Partridge and Kim Tae-Ri in recline, each seated inside their own, chromatic bubble. That perch becomes a metaphorical vehicle, like “a flying pod or a personal shuttle” that allows the user to stay in, stay warm and stay dry while simultaneously embarking on an imaginary journey in their mind’s eye to the furthest corners of the universe. It allows you to go somewhere new, somewhere you’ve never been before, somewhere fantastical, without going anywhere. 

Beneath them, the precise, checked-marble floor of Prada’s historic Milanese 1913 boutique – located in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – is reborn. As if it were an endless astral plane, it runs through to a galactic horizon drawn from telescope imagery of deep space with all its sparkling stars and celestial bodies. This Christmas, Prada is lost in the cosmos. 

Photography by Willy Vanderperre.

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