Roger Vivier’s One-Of-A-Kind Handbags Are Inspired By Nature

Paris just got a dash of whimsy thanks to Roger Vivier. While the brand is best known for their shoes and handbags, during the fall winter 2024 haute couture shows Gherardo Felloni continued to explore his version of couture. The series, called Pièce Unique, is in its third incarnation. Appropriately titled Petites Merveilles, the small wonders transformed the brand’s Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré boutique into a dazzling natural museum.

As you step into the space, it’s as if you’re walking into a magical forest. Velvet walls lined with gilded insects set the stage for a collection that’s as enchanting as it is unique. Mannequins display bejeweled gilets, while handbags nestle in enclosures, bringing about a sense of wonder and discovery. Petites Merveilles provides a playful nod to the world of insects, blending the beauty of nature with intricate craftsmanship. These aren’t your everyday fashion accessories — they’re vibrant creations that are meticulously crafted. Each piece takes an element of its namesake creature, whether it’s the iridescence of scarab beetles, butterfly wings, or white feathers, reimagining them into unique creations.

The collection features 15 one-of-a-kind handbags and 4 encrusted gilets, each telling its own individual story. From vast deserts to deeply rich forests, you’re taken on a mini adventure through nature’s most beautiful landscapes. Crystals and bugle beading add a touch of sparkle, while clusters of insects bring a sense of natural elegance. Stylish red beetles shimmer on scarlet satin, golden fireflies peek out from night skies, and metallic spiderwebs sparkle with crystals. But it’s not just about the visual feast. The collection showcases the masterful skill of the Roger Vivier ateliers. Feather quilting, embroidery, metalwork, and jewelry making are all showcased throughout, resulting in designs that are as detailed as they are creative. Bees and their hives come to life in spectacular intricacy, buzzing with topaz jewels, while scorpions add a sense of darkness and danger through dazzling rhinestones.

Photography courtesy of Roger Vivier.

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