Nicholas Daley: Menswear SS25

Nicholas Daley’s SS25 collection is a promise to uphold and praise heritage and history. Daley has always made his Jamaican heritage the forefront of his work – the ethos of the brand is rooted in keeping one’s family legacy alive amongst a diverse, postcolonial Britain. The designer’s own unique history is celebrated across his collections, with a Scottish mother and Jamaican father who hosted a night called The Reggae Klub in Edinburgh between 1978 and 1982. The merchandise worn by Jeffery, Daley’s father, has become the basis of a lot of Daley’s graphic T-shirts, such as the I-Man SLYGO top featured in this collection. On their own, each and every garment is a lesson in Daley’s ancestry. 

The SS25 collection, dubbed Sacred Drums, is driven by traditional Jamaican Nyabinghi drumming. Reflecting the drums’ grounded nature, the collection features earthy tones and faded colours that make the pieces look vintage. As if to imply these garments have been passed down from generation to generation, the same way that drumming traditions have, they carry a storied narrative within them. Elsewhere, vibrant knits and repetitive patterns mimic the hypnotic nature of drums, acting as the heartbeat of the collection with the palette and patterns being inspired by artists such as Alvaro Barrington and Frank Bowling

The foundations of Daley’s brand are community, craftsmanship and culture, ideals which continue to be woven into every piece he designs. Britain’s post-colonial reality is varied and kaleidoscopic, however this collection generates the sense of community the diaspora craves. An homage to his ancestry, it’s  another Nicholas Daley collection that oozes tried and true cool. 

Photography courtesy of Nicholas Daley.

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