Charles Jeffrey Loverboy To Celebrate 10th Anniversary With Exhibition At Somerset House

Scottish designer Charles Jeffrey is celebrating 10 years of his eccentric, ready-to-wear label Loverboy with an exhibition hosted by the creative hub and home of his catacomb studio, Somerset House. Honouring Jeffrey’s innovative approach to design, the showcase, entitled The Lore of Loverboy, will track the brand’s rich odyssey, starting with the East London club night he hosted to fund his studies at CSM and an internship at Dior. Known for a distinct style that fuses traditional tailoring with a punk-infused outlook, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy has amassed a staunch swathe of loyal fans, with Harry Styles and Tilda Swinton among them. Entirely gender-inclusive, the brand is known for its wearability and emphasis on individual style. 

The display is set to spread across three rooms, with each one highlighting the variety of collaborations, films, illustrations, paintings and memorabilia that populate the Loverboy universe. Platforming an assortment of Jeffrey’s most recognisable designs, interspersed with stories of his creative development and artistic inspiration, the space will use light and sound to play with visitors’ senses in that signature, mischievous Charles Jeffrey style. 

Speaking on the upcoming exhibition, Jeffrey states, “I’m so excited to have this moment to share my journey in fashion at Somerset House. It’s not just about celebrating 10 years of Loverboy; it’s about sharing our approach to fashion; being creative, approachable, and not taking ourselves too seriously. We’re here to shine a light on what we’ve built and to show that if we can do it, so can you. Visitors can expect to see our journey, our quirks, and have a good laugh along the way. It’s about making fashion accessible and fun, reminding everyone that at the end of the day, it’s about expressing who you are.”

The Lore of Loverboy will run from June 8 to September 1, 2024, and will operate on a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ basis. Discover more here.

Photography courtesy of Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

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