The Row: Ready-To-Wear AW23

Chic. It’s a French thing right? Nah. It’s all about The Row. Couture level fabrics, next level cuts, off the scale taste and stratospheric prices: The Row has it all, plus the kind of design chops that ensure it never falls into the rich but boring category. If you know, you buy The Row.

For AW23 it was all about long layered luxe silhouettes. The trouser-suits were roomy but never boxy. Many looks were worn with enveloping cashmere ponchos whose wide-winged shoulders brought superheroes (of chic) to mind. Coats were masculine in cut but soft and enveloping to the touch.  A one shoulder dress had all the glamour of a gown but was worn with the ease of a T-shirt. That’s the essence of The Row. 

Photography courtesy of The Row.

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