Ten Loves: Alain Mikli’s Grace Jones Inspired Miss Js

Grace Jones

Grace Jones. Songstress. Superwoman. Bond girl. Miss J is an all-round legend. Almost as legendary as the woman herself are her sunglasses, her “Miklis” – made by the master of 1980s eyewear, Alain Mikli – him behind Elton John’s specs and those shutter-eye ones from Kanye’s Stronger vid. And loads of other famous frames you’ll know. Grace said she couldn’t live without hers.

So, in her honour, Alain Mikli have released their new Miss J, named after the original Miss J and inspired by her famous frames, which you can buy, and be as fabulous as her. That’s a lie. You won’t even be close to being as fabulous as her. But you will be closer. And look better than you do now. Wear them on the street, in your house, at the supermarket. Sleep in them. What would Grace do? Pull up to my bumper bay-bay!


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