Ten Loves: Alain Mikli Le Matin Sunglasses


Wearing a pair of sunglasses at all times is a power move. Fact. Especially when worn inside, or when it’s dark and no sun is to be seen. You might still be labouring under the illusion that to do so is in some way rude, that they pull down the blinds on the windows to your soul. Luckily that’s not a problem for us, being as we are, quite soulless. There’s the obvious mystique and concealment that comes with a permanently affixed pair of shades, but it’s a lesser known secret that those who choose to do so are not protecting their own eyes from the world, rather, protecting the world from their sweat inducing glower. A certain Godmother of fashion (we won’t name names, but she has a bob) is always in a pair and, suffice to say, it asserts a certain dominance. But the shape has to be just right. A little bitchy and stand-offish, but not completely unapproachable. The new Alain Mikli Spring ’18 sun collection is just the ticket. There’s Le Matin- a cat eye, but modern. It’s sleek and not too big, so makes your face look slimmer while allowing people to see just how striking your cheek bones are. Then its sisters La Nuit and Toujours- both offering different level of eye coverage depending on how merciful you’re feeling. You need only slide them down your nose to either shoot a death glare or wink at someone you fancy. A must have for all seasons.


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