Ten Craves: Loewe’s Lush Elixirs, Ziber Club’s Comeback And More!



London’s Covent Garden Piazza has been transformed into a fashion lover’s paradise. In a monumental fashion moment, Marc Jacobs’ Resort Collection has landed in the UK, and it’s making a spectacular entrance with a pop-up store like no other. Located in Covent Garden’s historic piazza, this entirely mirrored box is a sight to behold.

As you make your way to the pop-up, you can’t help but be distracted by the presence of Kim Kardashian in the campaign. Her larger-than-life images dominate the surrounding area, making the pop-up impossible to miss.

Marc Jacobs’ Resort Collection takes centre stage, and you can find exclusive items, like the Crystal Canvas Mini Tote Bag, a focal point of the campaign. The Tote Bag makes an appearance in new and seasonal limited colours, including a show-stopping lipstick pink that’s sure to turn heads.

Live until December 3, the multi-sensory pop-up provides the perfect photo op. It’s an instagram worthy set up that invites you to capture your own fashion moments.


There’s a certain magic in the air when a scent transcends its olfactory purpose and becomes an art form. Loewe Perfumes takes this enchantment to new heights with its latest category of creations: the Elixirs Collection.

Elevating two iconic Botanical Rainbow fragrances, Loewe Solo Ella and Loewe Esencia, with an extraordinary concentration of 30 percent essential oils, the feminine Elixir targets the former while the masculine offers energy to the latter. Picture this: a resonant trail, a lingering essence becomes your signature.

Housed in glass block-shaped flasks, the gradient of original colours – orange for Solo Ella Elixir and green for Esencia Elixir – creates a visual connection with the scents. The transition from one shade to another symbolises the evolution and journey towards new horizons. A tactile wooden cap sits at the top of each flask, acting as a tangible connection to the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.

In the spirit of the Botanical Rainbow, flowers contribute to the overall vibrancy of the campaign. They are not merely props but co-stars in this fragrant narrative, creating a multisensory experience that engages with those who lay eye on it, on a deeper level. Shop here. 


In the realm of iconic accessories, one bag stands out with its remarkable history – the Lady Dior. A paragon of elegance and modernity, the timeless masterpiece continually reinvents itself. Enter The Dior Lady Art Project, where the house invites a cadre of artists each season to engage in a metamorphosis game. Their mission: to transform this object of desire into a veritable work of art.

In this eighth edition, resonating with Christian Dior’s lucky number, a distinguished lineup of artists – including Mircea Cantor, Jeffrey Gibson, Gilbert & George, Zadie Xa, Ha Chong-Hyun, Lee Kun-Yong, Mariko Mori, Ludovic Nkoth, Hilary Pecis, Mickalene Thomas, Michaela Yearwood-Dan and Xu Zhen – take centre stage. Across continents and cultures, they reinterpret the Lady Dior, transposing it into a unique creation that becomes an emblem of inventiveness and poetry.

More than a mere fashion accessory, the Lady Dior becomes an ode to passion and the beauty of emotions. This artistic endeavour is a celebration of the intersection between fashion and art, where the Lady Dior becomes a canvas for boundless creativity. 


After a successful partnership with Fendi – as well as becoming the official underwear partner for the NBA, WNBA and USA Basketball – the hot-topic shapewear brand founded by Kim Kardashian, Skims, has entered into a glamorous collaboration with Swarovski. Both lush and luxe, the partnership has yielded something that seamlessly offers a generous dose of understated opulence. 

Lounge in style while wearing hoodies and joggers embellished with Swarovski crystals; kick back and relax without sacrificing your style. The collection offers Skims’ signature pieces, with the added luxury of crystal details to turn your Netflix and chill into a sophisticated experience, dripping in crystals.

Kim K is no stranger to using jewellery to accessorise either. Enhance your outfit with the collection’s Swarovski-adorned belt, perfect for accentuating your curves while you shop the range here.


Hold onto your mugs because Anissa Kermiche just unleashed a new tea set collection and we’re slurping it up. Give your daily brew a makeover with the teapots and espresso cups on offer – they’re not just liquid vessels, they’re bona fide works of art.

Let’s talk teapots – but not your grandma’s teapots! Each teapot in the collection is crafted with a one-of-a kind human body shape. It’s like a sculpture, something you would leave out on display, but that can simultaneously pour out the most delightful elixirs. Imagine teatime transformed into a visual spectacle with sleek curves and radical design; prepare for your tea parties to become the talk of the town.

The “Tit-Tea” collection, as its aptly called, doesn’t play favourites. The espresso, spoons and saucers all boast a unique body shape in a bid to inject a burst of body-positive play into your daily sipping routine. Get ready to sculpt your sips and redefine the art of tea and espresso. Shop here. 


Introducing the latest fusion of avant-garde fashion and outdoor exploration, the MM6 Maison Margiela x Salomon collaboration has landed. At the core of the collaboration lies a range of outdoor attire that blurs the lines between trail-ready performance and high fashion aesthetics. 

A standout feature of the collection is a pair of boots that extend far above the ankle, creating a visually captivating silhouette. The design is both utilitarian and stylish, ideal for stomping around the city on a mucky day or dancing it out around the forest. 

Adding a layer of versatility to the collaborative lineup are a collection of vests that combine the innovative design approach of MM6 Maison Margiela with Salomon’s expertise in functional outdoor dressing. Suitable for urban fashion and outdoor adventures, whether you’re pairing them with casual streetwear or outdoor gear, the vests effortlessly adapt to your style.

Step into the shoes, make a statement with the vest, and embark on your own sartorial adventure as the collection is available to shop now. The MM6 Maison Margiela x Salomon collaboration isn’t just about fashion; it’s about pushing the boundaries of possibility. Will you take the step? Shop now. 


Calling all cinephiles and fashion enthusiasts! Prepare to be transported to a world of cinematic elegance and sartorial splendour as two creative powerhouses, Barrie and Sofia Coppola join forces to redefine the boundaries of fashion and film.

At the heart of the collection are a variety of scrumptious cashmere jumpers, showcasing Barrie’s expertise in working with fine materials. Available in an array of colours and textures that evoke the moods and atmosphere found in Coppola’s films, the cosy jumpers won’t just keep you warm, they’ll envelop you in the magic of storytelling.

Whether it’s the ethereal pastelles of “Marie Antoinette” or the understated elegance of “Lost in Translation,” each garment in the collection is it’s own work of art, a garment that draws you into the narrative, inviting you to become part of the story.

Margaret Qualley is the face of this mesmerising union, and in an accompanying campaign embodies the elegance and sophistication that the collection aims to convey. Known for her captivating performances in films such as “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” and “The Leftovers”, Qualley’s presence adds an extra layer of artistry to the collaboration.

The intersection of fashion and film is nothing new, but this collection promises to be different. It’s a creative synergy that aims to elevate both disciplines simultaneously. Clothing plays a huge role in storytelling, and by teaming up with a brand like Barrie, Coppola is bringing a new dimension to her storytelling – one that intertwines the visual with the tactile. Its a sensory experience like no other. 

Go ahead, explore the collection and let your imagination soar. The 17-piece capsule collection is available now


In the vibrant tapestry of East London’s nightlife, a star rises again. Not just another night out, Ziber Club is an experience that defies norms and celebrates the kaleidoscope of queerness. Often referred to as the ‘hottest new queer night’, the intimate hedonistic boudoir in Dalston is carving a queer space in the city’s creative landscape.

One of the many unique facets of Ziber is its eclectic soundscape. The beats that define Ziber nights draw inspiration from pan-European genres like italo, EBM, sexy disco, hi-nrg, and industrial creating a symphony of sounds that transcend boundaries and invite you to dance without inhibition.

Ziber’s upcoming event on November 17, promises to be a night to remember. Prepare for a delightful blend of the mediterranean scents and leather, a space where self-expression takes centre stage. In a release, the club says, If we had to describe Ziber to an alien we would probably say…Sweaty crotch! Velvet! Twink sommeliers! Leather! Exquisite filth! Strobe! Mediterranean scents! Dark disco! Smoke! Red Roses! Plastic horses!” Bonkers. Buy your tickets here.


Following a successful link-up with Priya Ahluwalia, &PaulSmith is back, this time partnering with NYC-based brand, Commission, a brand that stands out for its ability to redefine the representation of Asian culture within Western fashion spheres. 

The resulting 22-piece collaboration features modern interpretations of vintage Paul Smith pieces including a luxurious wool-cashmere overcoat, a structured double-breasted brown worsted wool suit and a striking butter-yellow leather field jacket. 

As an added dimension to this partnership, Paul Smith will provide business development mentorship to Commision, underlining the significance of nurturing emerging talent in the fashion industry. Alongside Commission, the &PaulSmith series continues to push the boundaries of fashion, celebrating a unique fusion of generational styles and inspirations. Commission &PaulSmith is set to launch November 8, and is available in limited numbers so don’t sleep on it. Shop now. 


Dover Street Market has just revealed a stunning Completedworks capsule collection made up of seven unique jewellery pieces, each a testament to the creative synergy between the brand that made them and the renowned store that hosts them.

The jewellery collection itself is a work of art, with each piece telling a unique story. Recycled silver and brass plated with 18k gold are the primary materials used, incorporating white topaz gemstones for an added touch of luxury. What sets this collection apart is it’s unique design language, focusing on the physical movements used to tie the figure of a knot or a bow. Anna Jewsbury, the artistic director at Completedworks, delves into the historical significance of rope and its connection to cultures that have traversed seas and oceans. Dynamic continuous lines, asymmetry, and twisted forms are the hallmarks of Completedworks’ design approach, and these elements are beautifully showcased in every piece. Catering to a variety of tastes and preferences, the range ensures there’s something for everyone. Shop here. 


Within the confines of this exclusive 26-piece capsule collaboration between Browns and Bettter, you’ll discover the magic of transformation. Menswear suits, once forgotten, have been reborn as exquisite women’s tailoring – a concept Bettter founder Julie Pelipas playfully dubs ‘his for her.’ It’s a testament to the versatility of style, where boundaries blur, and traditional norms take a back seat to creativity and individuality. Each piece features an intricate design detail or cut out to further enhance the female form, all of it sustainably made. Designed to empower rather than overpower, a key piece in the collection includes a rich grey double lined longline coat with blazer overlay. “The exclusive capsule is a practical sartorial kit for any city surfing situation, from the perfect city coat that you can easily transform into a blazer or vest, the body-shirt that will never mess out of your trousers or the apron for your elevated tailoring look,” says Pelipas. “We will also for the first time reveal our evening and red carpet offering, including my personal look from the British Fashion Awards nomination speech. As to what’s next, we’re stepping into urban performance wear and a converted tailoring collection. Stay Bettter updated.”

The voices of the visionaries behind this collaboration, Julie Pelipas – former fashion director of Vogue Ukraine and LVMH finalist – and Browns buying director, Ida Petersson, echo with insight and purpose. Their words paint a vivid picture of the significance of this collaboration and the horizon it envisions. It’s a remarkable journey into a more sustainable future, where fashion doesn’t just make a statement, but makes a positive impact. The collection is available at Browns Brook Street, online at Brownsfashion.com and Farfetch. Shop now. 


Nigel Curtiss knew exactly what he was doing when he titled his latest evening wear collection, Soirée. When do grotty pub meet-ups turn into soirées? When does having friends round for slightly terrible pesto pasta count as a soirée? Maybe the only difference is that we need to start donning some incredibly luxurious Nigel Curtiss and not a pair of jeans. 

Cutting his teeth in Tokyo, Curtiss began his career by beautifully meshing the exemplary craftsmanship of Saville Row tailoring, with the unique elements of Japanese design aesthetic. Working directly with famed Japanese designer, Rei Kawakubo, Curtiss was at Comme des Garçons for ten years before starting his eponymous label. Centred around timeless elegance, Curtiss’ men’s and women’s collections are truly wearable luxury and his Soirée collection is no different. 

It speaks volumes when you look at garments on a screen and can’t help but wonder what they would feel like against your fingers. The fuchsia and lime green satins are a wonderful exploration in combining classically beautiful fabrics with totally interesting colour ways, showing how Curtiss has rooted his brand in timeless tailoring, while updating it for the modern woman with the latest iPhone. Feeling comfortable at both a highbrow gala or a friendly dinner party, Soirée doesn’t feel restricted to one particular lifestyle, but instead invites opulence into all of life’s varied scenarios, be it sipping negronis at a sultry bar, or kicking off your heels and unbuttoning the top clasp of your shirt after getting home from work. 

The total luxury of the collection is only heightened further by its made-to-order nature. Selecting fabric and silhouette, the personalisation of completely indulgent evening wear is a truly enticing idea. Perhaps soon all our pub crawls will be Soirées, maybe we just need a pearl satin ruffle shirt? Shop hereOlivia Barrett

Top Image: courtesy of Loewe.


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