Ten Craves: APOC Store’s Holiday Drop, Zegna’s Triple Stitch Vetta And More!



Burberry just dropped a bombshell that’ll make you feel like royalty. Teaming up with the prestigious Highgrove Gardens, the iconic British brand has unveiled a limited-edition scarf collection fit for a king – or in this case, His Majesty King Charles III!

Crafted with all the finesse you’d expect from a brand that holds a Royal Warrant, these scarves are not just accessories; they’re wearable pieces of art. Made from organic silk, the four scarves available are named after the seasons, each featuring the lush beauty of Highgrove Gardens with the royal residence as its pièce de résistance.

The artistic genius behind these masterpieces is none other than Sammi Lynch, a rising star fresh out of the Royal Drawing School. Sammi’s brush and ink dance across the fabric, translating the enchanting landscape into a visual symphony of space, texture and light.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Burberry is not just in the business of making you look fabulous; they’re in cahoots with The King’s Foundation, the guardian of Highgrove Gardens. Together, they’re on a mission to support the arts and pass on the torch of craft and artistry to the next generation. Cue the applause for style and substance!

So, if you’re ready to channel your inner royal and wrap yourself in the spirit of Highgrove, these scarves are your ticket to regal chic. The collection is up for grabs at Burberry stores, Highgrove stores and the online realm. Shop here. 


Rimowa, the granddaddy of travel sophistication since 1898, is back with a bang, and this time its not just pushing boundaries, its leather-bound! 

In a twist that’s as rich as the leather it’s using, Rimowa has decided to take a stroll down memory lane, expanding its output by bringing back the sleek material that adorned its earliest creations. Say hello to the Rimowa Distinct range.

Now for the juicy details. Rimowa Distinct isn’t just about looks; it’s about innovation. The luxury luggage manufacturer has cracked the code, blending leather with precision to create a suitcase that’s not just a fashion statement but a functional masterpiece. Picture this: a solid structure impeccably wrapped in leather, adorned with the iconic Rimowa grooves. Swoon-worthy, right?

And for those who like choice (who doesn’t?), the Distinct line comes in black and navy, both genders welcome because elegance knows no boundaries. But it’s not all about the outer glamour either; Rimowa knows it’s what’s inside that counts. The interior is a well-thought-out haven, with a flex divider to keep your belongings in check and a touch of leather trimmings for that extra oomph. It’s like a five-star hotel for your clothes!

Rimowa doesn’t play around when it comes to the nitty-gritty. Telescopic handle? Check. Leather grabbing handles? Double-check. Multi-wheel system for the smoothest ride of your life? Triple-check! They’ve even thrown in a personalised leather luggage tag, because your suitcase deserves a name.

In a world of plain old suitcases, Rimowa Distinct is here to make a statement. So, buckle up, jet setters, because leather just got a first-class upgrade! The price tag? A cool €2750. It’s not just a suitcase; it’s an investment in your lifestyle. Shop here.


The Surgeon, led by Dominic “The Surgeon” Ciambrone, isn’t your average shoe maker. Its the Picasso of sneakers, deconstructing and remixing kicks to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces time and time again. Now, its turned its gaze to the great outdoors in collaboration with winter-wear giant Canada Goose which has teamed up with the mad scientists at The Surgeon to drop a limited-edition bombshell on your precious trainer collection. Say hello to the Glacier Trail Sneakers, the kicks where urban cool meets rugged outdoor exploration.

Ciambrone spills the tea on the collaboration: “Nature has always played a large role in my wellbeing and is a constant inspiration throughout our design process.” The Glacier Trail Sneakers are more than just eye candy; they’re engineered with waterproof, breathable materials, a 360-degree lacing system, ankle coverage and an exaggerated heel flair for that extra grip on even the gnarliest of trails.

The Canada Goose x Surgeon Glacier Trail Sneakers are now up for grabs, but you better move fast. Let the shopping adrenaline rush begin! Discover more here.


Picture this: a lineup of exclusive, repurposed holiday gifts dropping like snowflakes throughout November and early December. Home accessories, new-wave jewellery, trendy it-bags, even a little something for your feline friends and the whole family. 

In the magical workshop of Apoc Store, visionary designers have waved their wands (and recycled materials) to craft limited drops with minimal environmental impact. This isn’t just about fashion; it’s a statement, a rebellion against waste. And guess what? Every piece is lovingly handcrafted by the talented in-house artists. Talk about a personal touch!

Your living space will thank you when you adorn it with APOC’s first-ever homeware collection by the alchemists of jewellery, Räthel & Wolf. And if you thought jewellery couldn’t get any cooler, check out This Shit Blinks’ colour-changing wonders – the bling that literally has a mood. As if that’s not enough, Gnastiy brings you 3D printed bags that are more like wearable art. 

So, as the holiday season approaches, why settle for the ordinary when you can unwrap the extraordinary? Apoc’s holiday drops are not just gifts; they’re a nod to sustainable fashion. Shop here.


In a move that has fashionistas and hikers alike doing a double-take, Zegna has just dropped the  the Triple Stitch Vetta. It’s not just a shoe; it’s a marriage of catwalk chic and mountain peak mystique.

Imagine you’re strutting through a concrete jungle, looking like you just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. Suddenly, a wild trail appears. No need to panic! The Triple Stitch Vetta is here to save the day (and your impeccable style).

What’s in the secret sauce, you ask? Well, first of all, there are three crosses on the shoe, inspired by handmade tailoring stitches. These crosses hold the power to turn your outfit from a fashion faux pas to fashion phenomena.

If that doesn’t have you scrambling for your wallet, the reinforced heel loop is like the superhero cape of the shoe world. Need to pull off a swift change between conquering the boardroom and conquering a mountain? The Triple Stitch Vetta has got your back.

Enhanced cushioning means you can literally walk on clouds. Well, not literally, but close enough. And for those who like to live life on the edge (of icy sidewalks), the Vibram Arctic Grip sole provides more traction than a cat with Velcro paws. So, go ahead, dance on that frozen pond – the Vetta has you covered.

In essence, the Triple Stitch Vetta is the swiss army knife of shoes. It’s the ultimate statement piece, screaming, “I’m sophisticated, but I’m also ready to escape a bear if need be.” Shop here.


Formulating a world where fashion meets technology, Goldwin 0 is at the centre. The experimental platform of the Goldwin brand – a team that probably sleeps with art encyclopaedias under their pillows – Goldwin 0 has just dropped the second edition of its Enquiry Campaign, entitled #5.2, featuring the AW23 collection.

The Enquiry Campaign – which promises to unfold over the course of a year – is a space for creators to experiment, prototype, and explore new forms of practice. The collection, on the other hand, is the result of the teamups. Enquiry #5.2 is a deep dive into Goldwin’s design philosophy and archives. Nur Abbas takes the helm as the design director, steering the creative ship alongside photographer Miraj Patel – who worked with Nur Abbas on the clothing designs – into uncharted waters.

The collection itself is a concoction of recycled down jackets with 3D baffle construction, knit pullovers and pants that somehow merge the elegance of tailored pants with the utility of climbing gear.

Enquiry #5.2 is supervised by OK-RM, the mastermind overseeing this carnival of creativity. It’s not a collection; it’s a manifesto. It’s like Goldwin 0 looked at the fashion rulebook, chuckled, tore it up, and then danced on the confetti scraps. Shop here. 


Brace yourselves for “Phet-Cha-Bun”, a cinematic masterpiece brought to you by the dynamic duo of internationally renowned jeweller O Thongthai and director-extraordinaire Ciesay. More than a film, it’s a visual love letter to Thailand, with a side of psychedelic rock and handcrafted bling.

In this gem of a collaboration, O Thongthai, has traded her bling for a director’s chair, teaming up with her long-time friend, Ciesay. The result? A film that’s a feast for the senses set in a mysterious remote village, far from the overpopulated, touristy parts.

O Thongthai comments, “It’s not the typical ping pong shows, beach holiday, Thai boxing images that people conjure up when they think of Thailand.” Nope, this film goes beyond the clichés and into the heart of a village so remote that even Google Maps gets lost.

The film showcases O Thongthai’s handcrafted collection, proving that bling isn’t just for red carpets. Craftsmanship is the name of the game, from forging knives to hand-framing glass found on Thai beaches. It’s a whole DIY vibe, with the soundtrack blaring in the background.

Plus, you can take a piece of the cinematic magic home with you. O Thongthai’s handcrafted collection – made using natural Thai materials and stones and featured in the film – is available for purchase on her website, priced at £300 each. Here’s the kicker – all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF. Shop here. 


In the enigmatic landscape of Gerrit Jacob‘s latest autumn/winter collection, the air is thick with the essence of nocturnal solitude in suburbia. Jacob, the sultan of sartorial subversion, has once again dared to plunge into the depths of existential crisis. This collection crosses the boundaries between sentimentality and new, mature heights-because nothing says “I’ve grown up” like a leather jacket with an attitude.

But what really sets this collection on fire is the meticulous airbrushing. Precision meets chaos as contradictory contours of silhouettes and iconoclastic motifs dance on new fabrics, giving traditional luxury a gritty makeover. Skin-tight jersey? Hot. Oversized white leather? Hotter. It’s a sensory rollercoaster, where fashion meets rebellion and asks, “Why not both?”

Gerrit Jacob, sheds light on working with Matt Lambert, the wizard of intimacy and sensuality. In Gerrit’s world, colour isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a character with a role more significant than any print. 

So, buckle up, because Gerrit Jacob’s AW23 collection is a rebellious manifesto, a proclamation that suburbia can be sexy, and leather can be your ticket to the wild side. Discover the collection here


Hold on to your fins, because the seas are about to get stormy! On November 14, sister Brenda and Clara Liang – founders of Siren Basics – unleashed their much-anticipated Siren Collection, and trust us, it’s making waves that go well beyond the ordinary.

Channelling the ethereal beauty of aquatic wonders, Brenda and Clara submerged their creativity into the mesmerising world of sea creatures. Imagine jellyfish-inspired textures caressing your skin, and a campaign boldly shot in sensory deprivation tanks. This dynamic duo isn’t just making underwear; they’re crafting an aquatic experience, a wearable ode to the wonders beneath the waves.

The Siren Collection is not just about what’s underneath, it’s also about what stands out. This launch marks the grand debut of Siren Basic’s revamped logo – a symbol of maturity, elevation, and the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries. It’s not just lingerie either, it’s a statement; a visual manifesto of breaking free from the mundane.

Siren Basics isn’t just an underwear brand; it’s a philosophy. Founded in 2021, the Liangs believe in the magic of beautiful, affordable lingerie for everyone. From size S to 3X, each piece is priced at a wallet-friendly £10. It’s a rebellion against the notion that luxury should come with a hefty price tag. With Siren Basics, luxury becomes a birthright. Shop here.


Showtime! at Selfridges. Its a festive fiesta that’s more dazzling than your neighbour’s over-the-top light display. First off, let’s talk windows – not the computer kind, but the ones you’ll be pressing your nose against in awe. Selfridges has gone all out, with windows that have more drama than your favourite reality tv show’s season finale. Picture Santa Claus as the ‘Stage Director,’ a Christmas Tree Diva and a Stand-up Comedy Snowman. These festive fashionistas are not just mannequins in sparkly outfits; they’re characters with a backstory and a costume designer: Max Allen, who handcrafts each costume in North London.

But wait, there’s more! Santa and his bow-wearing ballerinas are set to hit the stage, bringing you more joy than finding out your favourite holiday movie is finally on Netflix. DJs, singers, and live performances ensure that shopping at Selfridges is not just a transaction; it’s an experience. You might even catch Santa dropping some sick beats.

And for the adults who’ve been good all year (or have tried), Selfridges is hosting a world-first cabaret with The Kit Kat Club. Cabaret: The Kit Kat Club at Selfridges promises grown-up festive celebrations that are flamboyant and dramatic – who says the kids get to have all the fun?

Grab your tickets, your best outfit, and get ready to be entertained because it’s Showtime! Discover more. 

Top Image: Photography courtesy of Zegna.


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