Burberry To Re-Launch Beauty With An Exclusive Selfridges Boutique

Picture this: it’s December 1, you peel back the little cardboard door on your Cadbury’s advent calendar and the countdown begins. To Christmas, you say? Oh no, something much more exciting and with way less wait time. On December 4, British heritage brand, Burberry, will be re-launching its makeup line with a gilded new beauty boutique in Selfridges. 

Come with open arms and a bare face as the new Beauty Boutique will launch with eye, lip and face products for customers to explore, sample and inevitably move to the top of their ever-growing Christmas lists. Plush lip products in a range of runway-inspired colours will be available in finishes from satin to matte and shoppers will also be privy to three sumptuous Kisses Matte Lip colours, exclusive to the boutique and available in packaging that beams with festive opulence. Sticking to its outdoor roots, Burberry skin products promise dewy, winter-kissed skin; early rising and an hour-long walk across fields and forestry no longer necessary. City girls rejoice!

Once both your hands are covered with a rosy and neutral rainbow of lipstick swatches, it’s time to douse yourself in a wonderful concoction of Burberry Signature fragrances collection scents. Alongside its classic fragrances, such as the well-loved Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum, the boutique is also set to launch the new Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum.

Settling in nicely in the newly-renovated Selfridges Beauty Hall, Burberry Beauty will be the only boutique in Europe where customers can discover and trial the new Burberry makeup products and fragrances. We suggest you don’t finalise your Christmas list until after you’ve had a visit to the glorious new space opening December 4. Happy shopping!

Photography courtesy of Burberry.


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