Inside 10: Sandra Choi Shows Us Her Desk

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the desk, you could say, is the pathway into the mind of the creative. Being the nosy bunch we are, we asked a group of our favourite designers, PRs and friends in fashion to let us inside their offices to see how they work. Expect pristine desks from the finest vintage dealers, the best stationary about, and of course, the occasional bit of clutter. Fashion folk are only human, after all…Today we step into the space of Jimmy Choo creative director, Sandra Choi

10: Where did you buy your desk?

SC: Alfies Antique Market – I wanted a particular desk for my office at work.

10: Do you like a tidy desk or a messy one?

SC: My desk is always messy. It’s an organised chaos but a working desk. It’s a creative dumping ground as I’ve got lots of projects going on.

10: What’s the most sentimental thing you have on it?

SC: My pencil case, because it goes everywhere with me and I’ve had the exact same one since the early 2000s. It even includes snippets of things that we were going to put in the collections in the early days, like an article number from 1999 which I can refer back to.

10: What’s the proudest thing you’ve created while sitting at your desk?

SC: Where do I start? It has to be red carpet moments when celebrities and their stylists have said yes to our designs. I used to have a phone on my desk and I remember receiving phone calls from my team to confirm red carpet placements. It was always such a good feeling.

Photography by Anna Stokland. Keep your eyes peeled for more inductees to our Me and My Desk series. Taken from Issue 58 of 10 Men – ELEGANCE, GRACE, BEAUTY – out NOW. Purchase here.


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