Robert Wun: Couture AW24

To celebrate his brand’s 10th anniversary, Robert Wun reflected upon the rather abstract concept of time. Aptly entitling the AW24 couture collection Time, Wun embarks on a search for meaning and an exploration of time’s effect on the ephemeral, resulting in a lineup of glamorous gowns evolving from seasonally inspired pieces to a celebration of “the end”.

Interpreted through both a physical and spiritual lens, Wun’s translation of time emerged, at first, as the passage of seasons. Progressing from the “first falling of snow” – a glorious black gown with matching veil embroidered with white crystals – to the harbinger of spring – pink cherry blossoms that bedecked a skin tight bodice or ultra blue butterfly appliques on an oversized overcoat – and through to the necrosis of autumn – discoloured leaves and burnt hems. 

With the final four looks out, the human body decayed from skin to flesh to bones and soul – the latter depicted as a veiled gown with layers of tulle embroidered with passels of kaleidoscopic crystals. It was rather dazzling. Wun’s penchant for horror took shape as a 40 kilo ‘muscle’ dress completely covered in spiked bugle beads. The ‘bones’ took a more theatrical approach, with one including an ominous skeleton mask and shell whilst other looks were magnificent feats of savoir faire. 

“Why I’ve been doing this for so long, why do I still want to keep doing it, and for how long it will last. What does it all mean for the past 10 years?” Wun asked in his closing sentiment. “I found the answer through creating this collection, and it is to accept that one day everything ends – and that’s okay.”

Photography courtesy of Robert Wun.

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