JW Anderson: Ready-To-Wear AW24

Last of the Summer Wine? The cosy British sitcom about the adventures of OAPs in a Yorkshire village is an unlikely hunting ground for trends but, JW Anderson finds fashion gold in the unlikeliest of places. So do a new generation of fashion fans, who get their nostalgia fix from TikTok clips which have brought unlikely hits back from the dead. “Like Kate Bush at the top of the charts, or Tracy Chapman,” said the designer. “Things can pop up again from 50 years ago with the same energy. Age can be glorified and glamorised.” That means oversized tweeds, washed out, saggy bottomed shorts, hairy knits and bedroom slippers are no longer signifiers of a person past their prime. Instead, these items can have new meaning and a bright new life as viral fashion hits. Call it the great, random remix of life in 2024 where unlikely but strangely satisfying links are being forged between generations. Call it JW Anderson, cleverly taking the temperature of the times.

Photography by Christina Fragkou. 


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