Ten’s To See: ‘No Space, Just A Place’, Gucci’s Latest Exhibition at the Daelim Museum, Seoul (Which You Can Now Explore Online)

We don’t know about you,  but we don’t half miss going to art galleries. Hazy Saturday afternoons heading into the city, frantically powering through as many new exhibitions as your eyes (and wallet) can take. Oh, to have those glorious days back… The chances of us exploring the hallowed halls of our favourite galleries any time soon is pretty slim. Still, fantastic artwork is still of abundance and largely ready for you to consume via your computer screen. Stuck on what feast your eyes on? Look no further than No Place, Just A Place – the latest exhibition from Gucci.

Currently on display at the Daelim Museum in Seoul, creative director Alessandro Michele teamed up with curator and writer Myriam Ben Salah in an exhibition that explores both the rich cultural landscape of the South Korean capital and its contemporary art scene. No Place, Just A Place attempts to define new utopias; searching for new realms in which humans can connect to one another and to their surrounding in exciting ways. Queer politics are interwoven throughout, with Michele and Ben Salah offering you to explore alternative spaces where ‘otherness’ is free to dazzle and unity amongst us is strengthened.

“Psychedelic Nature: Natasha and Two YellowPieces” exhibited by Boan1942.

As an exhibition scavenging for new possibilities to make tomorrow all that more brighter, Gucci are inviting you to explore the space through a virtual tour. Host to a selection of independent art spaces including Audio Visual Pavilion and White Noise, the exhibition also spotlights the works of a selection of local artists as well as some international names. The ideas expressed through the various bodies of work are contextualised through the mythologies of the likes of Olivia Erlanger and Kang Sung Lee. There are a plethora of immersive installations for you to explore. Artist Sungsil Ryu tackles the notion of “artificial paradises” with her piece Psychedelic Nature which conveys a human’s physical connection to the greenary that surrounds them. Another great piece, this time courtesy of Dans ta Chambre and artist Joohye Moon, toys with reality and virtuality with a screened installation. 

Dans ta chambre and Joohye Moon, “Creeper”, 2020; part of “Secret for Longevity” by White Noise.

You might be a tad daunted at the possibility of exploring an exhibition virtually. Or you may even sceptical that the experience won’t live up to the sensation felt walking through a physical gallery. Yet with No Space, Just A Place, there’s nothing to worry about. The 360-degree viewing options allow you to virtually adventure through the multi-layered project in great depth. Besides, if any exhibition should be going digitally, shouldn’t it be one that’s questioning reality? Leave your inhibitions at the virtual door and escape to a different realm…

Top image: Olivia Erlanger, “Ida, Ida, Ida!”, 2020. ‘No Space, Just A Place’ is open until July 12th at the Daelim Museum, Seoul. You can virtually explore the exhibition for free through the link below. 


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