Gorillaz Talk Us Through Their Menacingly Good Smirnoff Cocktails

Long before virtual influencers began clogging up our Insta feeds and fashion got sucked into the Metaverse, Gorillaz have been causing havoc on our screens and across stages globally since the dawn of the 2000s. The badly-behaved foursome – consisting of 2-D, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs and Noodle – have barley had time for a breather as of late. Releasing three albums since 2017, the band has spent the most part of the last five years touring the world, having just returned from a slew of US dates celebrating the release of their most recent singles, featuring the likes of Tame Impala and Thundercat.

Everyone knows when it comes to life on the road, the best way to take a load off is over a few drinks, and Gorillaz have even began building unique cocktails. Working with Smirnoff, each band member has produced their own take a beloved cocktail. From Murdoc’s spin on a classic vodka martini (christened Murdoc’s Vodka Murdini), to Russel Hobbs’ extra spicy rendition of a vodka Manhattan, you can have a go at building each tipple at home using the limited-edition Gorillaz Smirnoff bottle.

If you’re a bit of rookie mixologist, let Murdoc teach you how to make his special cocktail during his Smirnoff Masterclass, taking place tomorrow at 6pm. Before all that, though, we catch up the menacing guitarist for a boozy chin-wag.

What makes a Gorillaz cocktail better than your average? 

Murdoc: “You’ve answered your own question there, pal. Added value. It’s not just a cocktail but a Gorillaz cocktail! Like what Faberge did for eggs. But if you’re after specifics, my Vodka Murdini is shaken AND stirred, for double the flavour. Genius.” 

Where in the world does the band enjoy a cocktail most?

Murdoc: “I personally enjoy a cocktail in the bath. Nothing vulgar, not talking gold-plated jacuzzi, just a bog-standard tub: two taps and loafer. After I’ve finished my drink I like to flip over the cocktail umbrella and use it as a little boat. Bloody lovely.”

How should one spend their evening whilst enjoying a Smirnoff X Gorillaz cocktail?

Murdoc: “However they like, long as it’s soundtracked with Gorillaz.”

Who makes the best cocktail in the band?

Murdoc: “In the interests of team spirit, I’ll sit this one out (but the answer’s me). Actually, despite what you might think judging by his ‘Eyeball’, 2D makes terrific drinks. Probably down to all those years being my personal bartender – not paid of course, more of an honorary role. Gave him an education, though. Lad can barely tie his shoelaces but he makes a cracking Mule.”

How will the band be celebrating the launch of your Smirnoff X Gorillaz cocktails?

Murdoc: “We recently wrapped up the US leg of our world tour (I was a sensation!), so we’ll be getting some down-time at our Silver Lake pad. It’ll be a lowkey celebration. Just a few hundred A-listers making polite small talk around a large ice-sculpture.”

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