Emporio Armani: Ready-To-Wear AW24

For AW24, Emporio Armani left us dancing in the moonlight. A shining tribute to a star-filled night sky, the contemporary arm of Giorgio Armani’s luxury label sent models down its mosaic, glass runway in a colour palette pulled straight from a moody, winter dusk. Rich blacks were interspersed with shades of mauve, jade green and grey, lit up by soft, white lights that mimicked the glowing effect of a full, luminous moon.

Focusing on the innate sense of freedom embodied by the Armani woman, the brand used loose-fitting trousers and wispy, rounded skirts to communicate a femininity that felt both light and instinctive. Structured suit jackets nodded to the clean and elevated silhouettes that Giorgio Armani is known for, while jumpsuits speckled with glittery crescents evoked a sense of playful whimsy. Down the latter end of the collection, elegant, spaghetti-strapped gowns floated just above the lustrous tiles, whilst pieces made of a plush, black velvet gave the offering that extra dash of luxe romanticism. Shoes were mainly flat and easy to glide in, whilst the bags bounced between being relaxed and pleated to sleek and petite. Culminating the presentation by spraying a light dusting of snow across the runway, Emporio Armani’s vision for the upcoming season was truly ethereal. 

Photography courtesy of Emporio Armani.


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