Giorgio Armani Celebrates The Timeless Influence Of Aldo Fallai With New Armani/Silos Exhibition

Photophiles and fashionistas, unite! The new Armani/Silos exhibition is now open for your perusal. A comprehensive overview detailing the influential career of Italian photographer Aldo Fallai – entitled Aldo Fallia per Giorgio Armani, 1977-2021 – the display marks the first time the Florence native has had a solo exhibition in a Milanese gallery. Charting Fallai’s four-decade-long relationship with the brand’s founder – Giorgio Armani – as well as his independent contribution to fashion and art, the showcase spotlights the development of his distinct, creative style. 

Boasting an almost 30-year career, Fallai’s contribution to the aesthetics of the Armani brand has been indomitable. With his imagery reflecting the conflation of style and social change that manifested in Armani staples like tailored power suits for women, this exhibition proves that fashion and photography that seek to empower will always remain timeless. 

Intentionally assembled to create a truly immersive experience, the images are non-chronological and scattered without captions, allowing viewers to sample every element of Fallai’s remarkable talent. Equal parts striking and elegant, the 250-image odyssey ensures to pay appropriate homage as it’s curated by the creme-de-la-creme of the Armani clan – head of men’s style Leo Dell’Orco, Armani’s sister Rosanna and Giorgio Armani himself. Talk about a crack team, eh?

Opening in 2015, Armani/Silos is dedicated to showcasing the best of the brand’s unique design philosophy. Sporting a roster of displays covering photography giants like Guy Bourdin, Peter Lindbergh and Larry Fink, Fallai rightfully joins Armani’s hall of fame. With his ability to capture understated nuance and personality in his images, he has become a household name for lovers of classic photography. Hosting a private inauguration on December 4, followed by a public opening on December 5, the exhibition is set to run until August 11, 2024. Discover more here.

Photography courtesy of Armani

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