Dolce & Gabbana: Alta Sartoria 2024

The second instalment in Dolce & Gabbana’s exquisite Sardinian getaway was a sultry display of Italian savoir faire. Showing just one day after the triumphant Alta Moda show, Alta Sartoria unfurled like a theatrical festival spotlighting must-have menswear. 

Staged on the Italian island at Forte Arena, the open-air theatre of Forte Village Resort, the truly opulent clothes that came marching down the platformed runway were the stuff of fashion fantasy – beautifully embellished with bugle beads, crystals, jet and cannetille using petit point and crochet techniques – in a bid to celebrate the rich and diverse culture of the island. 

Specifically inspired by the colourful Festival of Sant’Efisio and Sardinian folklore, breast plates were bedecked with gold-wound threads and three dimensional floral appliques recalled the infiorata of Sant’Efisio, a tradition of strewing rose petals on the streets of Cagliari during the saint’s celebrations. Some looks worked to revive a traditional Sardinian grain weaving technique called pibiones (meaning grape seeds), that’s executed using a hand loom and usually reserved for prized bedspreads found only in the most prestigious trousseaus. 

Tailoring was of an impeccable standard, with models decked out in crisp shirts, capes and elegant trousers that floated behind them as they cut through the Italian breeze. In an exceptional feat of craftsmanship, metal cummerbunds cinched in waists when worn atop translucent lace-up shirts with up-turned collars. Colossal mastrucas – the shaggy wool coat worn by the Mamuthones during the Mamoiada Carnival – were paired with sleek satin cigarette trousers, paying homage to the ceremony of sheepherding. 

Some of the clothes came riding in on cows or superseded by a band – the D&G boys really know how to make something memorable. It was a joyous spectacle that will live as a pillar in the fashion landscape for a long time to come. 

Photography courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana.

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