Diesel: Ready-To-Wear SS23

Hello Milano. Glenn Martens opened Milan Fashion Week blasting a minute long countdown inside an arena in front of an audience of almost 5000 people. With 3000 tickets offered to the public, over half of the people to take them up were students, some of Diesel’s biggest fans right now. The slanted, speedy D logo belt is inescapable on TikTok, stamped onto all the underground cool kids’ waists right now.

So for SS23, Martens turned it into big bouncing mega earrings and fastened it into denim shorts replacing the button. Denim was the key word – that’s Diesel’s superpower, of course – and it was frayed into over the top frothy hems, ripped into hundreds of layers on dresses and infused with flashes of silver that sparkled in the light on baggy trousers as the Diesel crew rolled down the runway. Girls were painted to shimmer, alien-like, strutting in metallic micro minis, and a series of strawberry pink embroidered lace-hemmed dresses were just right for the day time. They curved around four giant inflatable intertwined blow up dolls (marking a Guinness World Record for the largest monumental runway ever) that stuck their arms and legs out into the audience. Techno beats were on blast and Diesel dream girl Julia Fox sat front row alongside Skepta and Normani. Living the Diesel dream.

Photography courtesy of Diesel.


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