Inflatable Fashion Fun: Craig Green Discusses His Latest Moncler Genius Collection

If your coat can’t inflate, is there a point of even having one in the first place? Since joining the Moncler Genius line-up back in 2018, Craig Green has consistently pushed the capabilities of Moncler’s puffa fabrics. Whether it’s tent-like nylon structures (SS19) or swollen combat uniforms that appear as if they could transform into life rafts (AW19), the designer has often focused on concepts of security and protection when exploring how he can push the everyday Moncler staple to its absolute limit.

“Moncler isn’t afraid to take risks and are always open to new ideas,” says the designer. “I really enjoy how we work together; they have a very free and encouraging approach to how we choose to interpret and explore each collection.” For his latest collection for the project, however, Green adapted his creative approach. “Previously my Moncler Genius collections have looked at creating and building different volumes and forms of protection onto the body. For the latest Moncler Genius collection, we started with the idea of everything being totally flat and focused on how the body could create different volumes and shapes,” he explains.

Working solely with just one material – a sturdy, micro rip-stop nylon – Green was set upon creating volumes around the body starting with a 2D silhouettes. He then injected the flat surfaces with a down filling to create innovative, 3D forms. The collection was debuted in the middle of Milan Fashion Week back in February, where the likes of Simone Rocha, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Richard Quinn also revealed their own respective stamps on the Moncler puffa.

In typical Green fashion, the designer created utilitarian structures that looked somewhat otherwordly, made from vivid pinks, greens, yellows, reds and blues. Inside, the filling was left visible, creating inflated, transparent shapes that were adorned with further outlines for added definition. A similar ethos was applied to the commercial pieces from the collection, which include tracksuits, gilets, windbreakers and puffa coats in classic Moncler shapes.

“This season we wanted to create the lightest outerwear possible,” says Green. “I always think that Moncler is about lightness and protection, and so through using a micro rip-stop nylon and exploring new technical construction methods, we were about to create outerwear that gave the illusion of being fragile and delicate, yet provided a high level of protection.” The full look can be completed with a cracking pair of transparent trainers in matching shades of yellow and green. It’s practically a see-through clothing revolution, and Craig Green is at the forefront.

The 5 Moncler Craig Green collection is available online and in select stores.

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