Step Into Summer With Church’s New Loafer Collection

As rising temperatures beckon us out from our hibernation holes, loafers step onto the scene as the ultimate slip-on for those spontaneous summer adventures. Church’s knows this, and just in time for the sweet, sweet return of the sun, has released an all-encompassing collection of leisure-ready loafers. Bringing together British aristocratic elegance with a touch of devil-may-care refinement, the range is the epitome of effortless style.

With a history stretching back nearly five centuries, Church’s stays true to its roots, delivering top-notch craftsmanship and timeless style. The new loafer collection is no exception, boasting kicks that are as perfect for a stroll through the country as they are for a late-night date. But best of all, punters are totally spoilt for choice with the casual kicks coming in every neutral hue from deep moody browns to lighter, sun-kissed tones. There’s something for everybody. Crafted from luxe materials like Prestige calf, Maesteg calf and Bookbinder, these loafers are not only slick but are also built to last.

The campaign – shot by the one and only Brett Lloyd and styled to perfection by Tom Guinness – has got that certain je ne sais quoi that’s just irresistible. Shot against idyllic hills and a wealthy manor home, it’s as if onlookers have stumbled upon a real-life reimagining of Saltburn… or its aesthetics anyways.

So step into the summer season with style and confidence – Church’s new loafers have got you covered.

Photography by Brett Lloyd.

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