Bottega Veneta: Ready-To-Wear SS24

Let’s go somewhere. Hear the sound of the sea? The birds are singing and the sun is beating down hot in the world of Bottega Veneta. We imagine it to be an island, where all the beautiful people listen to great music and are on a journey to level up. Yes, Matthieu Blazy is in travel mode – on an odyssey to be precise – that is “both free and hopeful,” he says. “A connection to who you once were, who you would like to be and where you want to go”. A best-dressed transformation.

To get to the destination, the Bottega Veneta girl carries the new oversized sky blue Getaway bag, that opens up to compartments as the ultimate carry on. During the day, she wears Blazy’s leather skirts that have been crafted to mimic a sarong, paired with the knitted swim costume. When she has to hop onto Zoom, she changes into a slickly tailored suit or a working-girl dress with ruffling raffia fringing. At night she slips into one of the stars of the show: a strapless baby blue raffia floor length dress, or one of the crotchet dresses with blossoming raffia pom poms, bouncing so brilliantly. She wears the new Leaf heel, created to wrap around the ankle, like a powerful vine. She’s here to transform herself and her world, so activities will happen: she’ll take with her the larger-than-life Alligator bag, crafted to resemble a scuba-diving bag, wearing the first black jumpsuit-like look of the show: simple and practical. If the weather gets chilly, she has an array of options from trench coats to ponchos to dramatically oversized collared coats.

With the ultimate wardrobe on her side, she’s getting grounded. Connected to the earth, she’s marvelling at the wonders of the world, just as Blazy was as he created the collection: “There is a need to reconnect to a primal world of animals, minerals, and plants. It’s like collecting seashells – beautiful, meaningful or meaningless… It’s embracing something freeform: these are clothes without codes.” We’re calling it a Bottega Veneta awakening.

Photography courtesy of Bottega Veneta.

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