Alexander McQueen’s Newest Candles Are A Goth Fantasy

If you’re the type to enjoy a flowery, smoky candle, as if your bouquet of roses were set on fire, then you’re going to love Alexander McQueen’s new candles. Available today exclusively on the brand’s site and in select stores, the three scents are inspired in equal parts darkness and light, tradition and modernity, and power and vulnerability — all central tenets of the brand’s aesthetic.

A hefty wooden box carefully encases the egg-shaped black lacquered glass holders, which each feature a metal lid in either silver, dark metal, or gold. Made from black mineral waxes and rapeseed wax, the candles are crafted to retain their scent for longer and have an extended burn time, so that the fragrance can engulf your home or office space. 

The McQueen team worked with three different perfumers to construct the scents. Ghost Flower features freesia and peony combined with earthy patchouli, while Pagan Rose highlights wild rose and earthy peat. For tuberose fans, Savage Bloom will be the obvious choice. This is what luxury smells like. 

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