10 Questions With Talia Goddess As She Releases Her Latest EP ‘Down 2 Earth’

Talia Goddess – real name Tayahna Walcott – is a Brooklyn babe if ever we saw one. Born and raised in the eclectic New York borough, the 21-year-old is a true multi-hyphenate. Singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, DJ, instrumentalist, entrepreneur and community leader – the list just goes on. Drawing on her Guyanese and British heritage, Goddess has managed to carve out a truly distinct sound, fusing neo-soul, electronica, R&B, dancehall and pop to create a musical tapestry that is both eclectic and full of flavour. Having spent the last few months gearing up for the launch of her latest EP, Down 2 Earth, the wait is finally over with the offering out on streaming platforms today – lucky us! Released via Trance Records – Goddess’s self-founded label and creative agency – the young creative really is the judge, jury and executioner of this killer release.

Recently releasing the single ‘Forever Young’ – a spirited and emotive melody giving listeners a snapshot into the turbulence of young relationships – Goddess uses the rest of the EP to explore and finesse her cultural and musical identities. Navigating themes of love, loss, ego and finding oneself, the offering is sure to affirm the burgeoning talent’s position as one to watch, following the success of her first album Poster Girl in 2021. Preceded by ‘One Time’ – a club-centric track released earlier this year – and the vibrant dancehall song ‘Ragga’, released in 2022, the new album builds on an already dynamic foundation. The ease with which she jumps from style to style is truly effortless, proving that her talent transcends many of the new artists coming onto the scene.

Not one to be boxed in, Goddess is using this opportunity to sculpt her individual visual aesthetic too. Accompanying ‘Forever Young’ comes a colour-soaked video interspersed with camcorder footage of Notting Hill Carnival, exuding the wonderfully hectic saga of youth.

With each new drop, Talia Goddess is imparting her fresh-faced legacy, and it’s looking pretty darn good – we’re not the only ones that think so either. Diesel, Supreme and Awake NY (to name a few) have pegged Goddess the ultimate cool-girl, giving her the starring role across various campaigns and collaborative projects. Its undeniable – Talia Goddess is in her own lane. We sat down with the multi hyphenate to chat about the album, the last thing that made her cry, and what’s in store for the future.

1. Who is Talia Goddess?

“Talia Goddess is a force to be reckoned with. A multi-hyphenate artist and creator. A self taught singer-songwriter, music producer, DJ, model, and influencer from Brooklyn, NY. Talia Goddess is a community leader as well as a facilitator within creative communities across the world. Natural entrepreneurial and innovative skills means she is at the helm of genre fusion and movements to push culture forward.”

2. How do your Brooklyn, NYC, Guyanese and British roots influence your sound?

“My roots allow me to have a triple lensed view on art, culture and my own creativity. It all feeds into the unique sounds in my music and I can find different connection points for the evolution of my artistry, as well as drawing upon different avenues of inspiration.”

3. Talk me through the new EP ‘Down 2 Earth’. How were you feeling at the time of writing/recording?

“This EP was definitely an emotional journey; very experimental, moody, whimsical, boastful and also moments of heartbreak and insecurities as well. I’ve changed and experienced so much during the creation of this project, and even though some moments were rough, it’s served as a muse for the music, which I am grateful for.”

4. The press release says that the EP explores your “cultural, spiritual and sonic identity”. What does this mean/look like for you? How do you engage with your spirituality through music?

“My culture and spirituality are closely connected, as they both require a closer look into my history and roots, all the makings that happened before me that have shaped who I am today. Music has been one of the most impactful channels for my self discovery, learning how it moves me on a deeper, spiritual level, and also how being multicultural has enabled me to merge my roots and create music that speaks to who I am.”

5. I love the cover art for Down 2 Earth. It’s quite gothic and dark, innocent and rebellious all at once. Would you agree? 

“Thank you :)) Yes I do agree, there’s a lot of nuance to it which was intentional. I came up with the concept after months of struggling with a name for the project; I wanted something to encapsulate who Talia the Goddess is, someone who is “Down 2 Earth”, grounded, materialistic, which also contrasts my previous EP “Poster Girl” which had a theme of being posterised and materialised. It also touches on this idea of a fallen angel or being heaven sent, depending on which angle you look at it. Overall, this EP kinda takes you around the world a bit, exploring the sonic landscape of black music in a global context. I got my friends and close collaborators on board to shoot it and we ate that! So yeah, I’m very proud of it :)”

6. Who are five musicians/bands from your childhood that have shaped your sound?

“Sade, Tyler the Creator, Kali Uchis, Rihanna, Michael Jackson. Their level of individualism and musicianship was something I admired and enjoyed listening to. Their sound was classic and pioneering, which was refreshing and enthralling.”

7. What was the last thing that made you cry?

“My last breakup :)”

8. If you wrote a screenplay about your life, what would it be called and who would play you?

“I’d title it Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and Selah Marley would play me.”

9. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

“Definitely Tyler the creator, I love him and musician/producer hybrids in general.”

10. What’s next for Talia Goddess?

“Next is a tour in 2024 and new music sooner than you think 😉 Prepare to see my takeover!”

Photography courtesy of Talia Goddess. 

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