10 Questions With Delara Ahead of Her Norwegian ‘Shahrazad’ Tour

Swedish-born pop and R&B artist Delara is ready to take on the world. After moving to Norway as a child, the singer released her debut album entitled Shahrazad in November 2023 and has since taken the Norwegian music scene by storm. Featured on Norway’s largest international station, NRK P3, the stirring record is an unapologetic odyssey of intimate storytelling that she is currently gearing up to take on a tour of Norwegian cities over the next few months. Kicking off in Trondheim on January 19 before moving to Bergen on February 2 and finishing in Oslo on February 10, Delara is a star in the making.

Having been endorsed by vocal powerhouse Alicia Keys as well as previously sharing the stage with juggernauts like Dua Lipa and cult favourites Khalid and Kali Uchis, Delara’s rise to stardom has been supported by some of the best music makers in the business. 

Heavily influenced by her Iranian heritage, Shahrazad is inspired by a character of the same name from the collection of Middle Eastern folktales One Thousand and One Nights, which references the power of emotive narratives when it comes to shifting hearts and minds in its title. The nine-track work is a raw and reflective journey of a young artist primed to share important stories without succumbing to for societal expectations and restrictions. 

Delara’s resonant vocals transverse effortlessly from track to track. ‘Unbound’ is a powerful exploration of the unmatched impact of those we love on the course of our lives. From here, the young artist jumps to ‘Kalash’, a beat-driven collaboration with new wave dancehall artist Beam that salutes the act of dreaming big and following one’s ambitions. Another notable track is the attitude-drenched anthem which focuses on the solitary nature of life and one’s journey through it. 

A triumph that only signifies great things for her future, Delara has caught the attention of notable publications like Interview and Clash Magazine. Far from finished, 2024 is set to be an exciting year for the singer, who is looking forward to touring in Norway and connecting with her band of loyal fans. Here, we sat down with Delara to talk about her favourite tracks on the new album, whether she prefers staying in or going out and where she would go if she could teleport anywhere. 

1. Let’s get acquainted. Who is Delara?

A Norwegian-raised artist with Iranian roots, aspiring to make art that’s both timeless and unapologetically honest.”

2. You were raised in Norway – how would you describe the Norwegian music scene? 

“I feel it’s a small music scene, but with really good contrasts. It’s also exciting to see so many talents managing to reach out to the whole world from our small country.”

3. You’ve just released your debut album Shahrazad – what do you want people to feel when they listen to it?

I want people to feel a personal connection to my journey and experiences. The title is inspired by the fictional character “Shahrazad”, and it reflects the trust she had in her storytelling, a trait I have embraced in my songwriting on the album.”

4. Do you have a favourite track on the new album?

“‘Kalash’ feat. Beam is definitely a favourite.”

5. What do you want the new album to tell listeners about you?

I share my personal experiences with each song representing different moments that have shaped who I am, so I hope it tells listeners that we may share similar experience regardless of our diverse backgrounds.”

6. You were born in Iran and have been vocal about your love for the country but also critical of its current political regime. How do you feel this relationship has informed your art?

In my art, I strive for honesty, and naturally, it reflects my experiences, especially on issues like my love for Iran and concerns about its political situation. Growing older I have been more aware of the responsibility that comes with a larger platform. Ultimately, I aim to stay true to what feels authentic, keeping a genuine connection with my audience.”

7. What is your favourite Norwegian dish?

I don’t know if you can call it a dish but nothing really beats some freshly made waffles with sour cream, strawberry jam and brown cheese. YUMM.”

8. You recently performed at the Nobel Peace Prizegiving – what was your favourite thing about that experience?

The opportunity to perform a Persian song on international/national TV and that I got to meet the family of the Nobel Peace Prize winner; Narges Mohammadi. The strength of her wonderful twins really inspired me.”

9. If you could teleport to anywhere in the world right now where would you go?

“To a sailboat in the Caribbean. I sailed across the Atlantic ocean three years ago and the peace I felt on the ocean is impossible to describe. I would love to go back and explore more of the islands.”

10. What can we expect to see from you next?

“There are definitely a lot of exciting things happening next! I will be touring a lot which I am really looking forward to, alongside some exciting new music that I can’t wait to share with you very soon.” 

Photography by Bonnie Ophelia.


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