10 Questions with U.S. Girls As She Gears Up To Play Pitchfork Music Festival

It’s a mess, but it’s her mess. Toronto-based Meghan Remy sits in wonderful solitude at the helm of experimental pop-project, U.S. Girls. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Remy attended Catholic school – a place which historically and rather ironically has proved to be the perfect gateway for budding punks. No different from the rest, Remy joined her first punk band in her early teens and rioted against piety by entertaining her fascination with girl group theatrics and dipping into pools of spectral soul music.

Remy’s most recent album, Bless This Mess (which released back in February), featured a heavily pregnant Remy on the album cover, budding bump poking out of a white shirt and a black bowtie undone loosely around her neck. Much like Remy, the graceful album was pregnant with ideas; swaying towards optimism and reaching for hope where in previous albums she had dashed it away. While still confronting interpersonal troubles and critiques of capitalism, Remy consistently seeks this newfound optimism in her sound. Whilst still innately melodic, the most recent U.S. Girls project offers the listeners more dance-able opportunities than previous albums. Blending disco-house with ’80s R&B, Remy’s optimism – given away by her settlement into motherhood via the album cover – feels fresh, willing and most importantly, inviting.

UK crowds are in for a balmy evening as U.S. Girls gears up to play Pitchfork Music Festival on Friday and will settle comfortably into the sticky and historic auditorium of The Roundhouse in North London. Taking place across a series of totally cool and utterly curated venues, Pitchfork intends to smother the capital city in smokey vocals and reels of musical acts which include the fantastically moody Weyes Blood, Yaeji, Ezra Collective and alt-rock band Sleater-Kinney and many more.

Ahead of what’s set to be a honeyed autumn evening fuelled by Remy’s optimistic melodies, we caught up with the artist for a quick chat.

1. Who is U.S. Girls?

“Rather, who isn’t a U.S. Girl?”

2. Describe your sound in 10 words or less?

“Indescribable but familiar.”

3. What artists shaped your sound growing up?

“Springsteen, Billy Joel, Crass, Bikini Kill, all Motown, the radio.”

4. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

“Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet.”

5. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re in London?

“Try not to go broke.”

6. What else are you excited to see at Pitchfork Fest? 

“The Round House, a place I never dreamed I’d get to play.”

7. What’s your party trick? 

“Drunk DJing.”

8. What’s one U.S. GIRLS song which is the perfect introduction to your sound?  

“The Island Song.”

9. What’s your favourite album released this year and why? 

“Bernice “Cruisin” because it sounds like the classiest clown with the biggest heart.”

10. What does the rest of 2023 hold for you? 


Photography by Emma McIntyre. U.S. Girls will perform at The Roundhouse on November 10. Buy tickets here.


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