Issue 67 of 10 Magazine is an ode to the Bold & Beautiful – Read The Editor’s Letter

We’re backkkk – have you missed us? Introducing the first of eight covers of our mammoth Issue 67, hitting newsstands Wednesday, September 15. Coming out of global lockdowns, with restrictions easing worldwide, we chose to dedicate this issue to the Bold & Beautiful; those who push boundaries and take fashion to a place of sheer fantasy. Commencing proceedings are Yebeen Seol, Olamide Ogundelle and Kelvin Amankwah, who glisten in Richard Quinn, as photographed by Jenny Brough and styled by Oliver Volquardsen. For a glimpse of what you can expect inside, read Sophia Neophitou’s editor’s letter:


“As the veil of Covid starts to lift, the clear, sun-filled skies help us understand that out of this terrible darkness comes the light of optimism and that will flourish and grow again. Like a bleak winter finally ending, a glimmer of light is descending. Things are getting better.

“What we now crave is fantasy – something bold to propel us to a place of sweeping imagination. After being locked away for almost eighteen months, there is an explosion of pure creativity. This issue celebrates the extremes of being unapologetically bold, fearless, and challenging the limits of all that is conventional.

“Now is the time to take risks, stand out and be courageous. It feels like a reaction to the months of solitude, when we blended into our sofas and rarely got dressed, let alone wore shoes, except for our daily walk. As ‘Freedom Day’ dawned the attitude of everyone changed. Finally, we could be together unmasked. People could fill clubs and go to festivals. It was almost like the end of a terrible war.

“People now relish the idea of dressing up because they haven’t been able to do it for so long. They strut in all their finery, like peacocks fanning their tails, and give us a much- needed antidote to the sadness, seclusion and enforced isolation of the Covid era.

“Our AW 2021 issue reflects on this unique time. We celebrate the bold and the beautiful creatives that fill our world and constantly inspire us. They nourish us with their creativity, transporting us to a world which stimulates our senses and makes us believe in a better future. In this moment, I am full of hope.

“We will look back on this time as a watershed moment and a time to embrace the changes forced on us. The true Covid epiphany is that we should relish and treasure all the beauty and the wonderful things we have been so blessed to experience. Now, more than ever before, we know we should not take anything for granted.

“Sadly for me, six months ago, I lost the most beautiful, bold, brave human being in my life: my courageous, wonderous, strong and magical Mama. She taught us to never take anything for granted and over the last eighteen months of lockdowns and disruption, I have treasured and cherished all the magic dust of love and patience she sprinkled on us and our lives. She was fearless and bold, unapologetic, and authentic. She loved and expressed herself without fear. She is, and always will be, my ultimate inspiration. She gives me hope. When I look forward into the future, with her in my heart I feel optimistic about what the future holds.”

Issue 67 of 10 Magazine – BOLD & BEAUTIFUL – is on newsstands Wednesday, September 15. Pre-order your copy here.



Photographer Jenny Brough
Fashion Editor Oliver Volquardsen
Hair Roger Cho at L’Oréal Professional
Make-up Pep Gay MA World using NARS
Models Yebeen Seol at Elite Models, Olamide Ogundelle at IMG and Kelvin Amankwah at Elite Models
Nail technician Edyta Bekta at Of Substance using LECENTE
Set designer Thomas Bird at East
Photographer’s assistant Danielle Roversi
Fashion assistants Vania Monteiro, Gianmarco Rosati, Julia Veitch and Emily Powell
Hair assistants Chantelle, Ryunoshin Tomoyose and Marta Martineau
Make-up assistant Olivia Cochrane
Set assistants Tom Hope, Raffi Willow and Connor Robertson
Digital Operator Ho Hai Tran
Casting director IKKI at Ikki Casting
Miniature model maker Hannah Lemon
Floral stylist Harriet Parry
Production ARLAA World
Special thanks to Shoreditch Studios and 123 Lighting

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