Zomer: Ready-To-Wear AW24

Zomer is back on the catwalk and just one season since it made its Paris Fashion Week debut, its already outgrown its new kid on the block status. Showcasing its second (ever) collection within the minimalistic, stark white walls of Palais de Tokyo, an abundance of natural light cascaded through floor-length windows, allowing Zomer’s vibrant pieces to wow onlookers in the mid-morning rays.

Designers Danial Aitouganov and Imruh Asha remained unapologetically playful, presenting a collection brimming with extravagant innovation. The fashion pack felt like kids on Christmas morning as a long-line colour-blocked coat with a bustling of silver tinsel attached to the shoulder swaggered down the runway. There were a plethora of fun elements; a straw-like material sprouted sporadically from head pieces; high heels channelled a childlike essence with clusters of multi-coloured beads and sequins adorning them.

Futurism was married with a dollop of prevailing elegance that shone vividly through asymmetrical blouses gathered at the waist, layered over an accumulation of skirts and with colour-splotched tights peeking through the slits. Exaggerated shouldered coats had gaping 3D accents that protruded at the chest, adding an avant guard twist to Zomer’s typical panache. Sci-fi inspired, stiffly moulded corsets with a clear overlayed dome were cradled by models, and sheer abstract-printed bodysuits clung to the models quite literally from their heads down to their toes, as though a sheer piece of tubular fabric had been pulled straight up and over their bodies. Low waisted trousers layered with miniskirts strutted down the runway, ideal for all the cool girls perusing Portobello’s vintage shops at the weekend. The detachable garments lauded at Zomer’s SS24 show reappeared through a pair of bold dresses that had pieces buttoned on at the chest, waist and knees, creating a garment adaptable to any occasion.

Zomer’s ability to present the unexpected is truly special. A seamless thread of sophistication ran throughout the collection, ultimately realised through a duo of chic, sleek jet-black garments which closed the show. Fulfilling our need for profound uniqueness, Zomer certainly delivered. Bravo!

Photography courtesy of Zomer.


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