Wooyoungmi: Menswear AW22

Wooyoungmi showed its AW22 collection at a car park where rooms were connected to one another by doors sans furniture. Models opened doors and moved through each room with only the sound of the doors opening and closing as the soundtrack, so simple but felt dramatic.

Inspired by a novel about a Russian count who was under house arrest in a posh hotel, the biggest luxury was human connection. Sounding a little too familiar, to be honest.

The clothes were beautiful, with colours that paid homage to an early photography book of Sergei Mikhailovich Produkin-Gorskii, commissioned by Tsar Nikolai II in 1909. Jewel-toned green, pink, orange and blue with knitted balaclavas, cropped knits worn over jackets and pants. A lot of layering with boots for men and women, denim button-ups, colour block knits as well as tie-dyes, this collection has everything for the elegant customer, as well as the fashion-obsessed kids who were all waiting outside the show space, layered in everything from crochet knits and ski jackets to oversized suits.

Photography courtesy of Wooyoungmi. 


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