That skin could make a baby’s bum jealous.

Madge could out dress you with her eyes closed.

It takes a real woman to pull off colour, hear me now. 

She could hang a sack off that bone structure and be red-carpet ready.

This one is for all those haters out there. We hear that some Negative Nellies have been on the net spreading vicious rumours about what women of a certain age should and shouldn’t wear. Of course we know that women can, should – and do – wear whatever they like regardless of how old they are.

Age is just a number darling, and in terms of fashion it’s not even an important one; there’s dress sizes, price tags and sales of that nude cover you shot to celebrate your half-century to think about. So anytime you feel any doubt just have a look at the above; Cher, Madonna, Iman, Jerry. They’re too fab to even have second names, so why would they let their ages hold them back?

by Zoe Wulfsohn-Dunkley

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