Versace: Pre-Fall 2016

“Versace on the streets – an urban wardrobe for the today’s powerful women,” reads the blurb for Versace’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection. Versace on the streets, lady in the sheets. It’s always been our motto. So what’s Donatella’s proposition for next year’s pavement-pounding get-up? Well, sportswear – kind of – lean and clean silhouettes, boxy branded sweaters, but with a high octane, glamorous touch (this is Versace, my darlings, after all) found in the close-to-the-body ribbed dresses, waist cinching elastic belts and pieced-together graphic prints. A “street energy”, apparently. And there’s something for everybody – from the budding Donatella to the all-out Italian glamazon – leather bikers, long-legged tailoring, multicoloured fur. But that’s just the way Donatella works. “I love how the lives of Versace women are so rich and varied. I wanted this collection to give her everything she needs to always be her best.”

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