Valentino Pink PP Is On Its Way To World Domination

Cultivate, advocate, activate. The brain behind the Valentino Pink PP f ready-to-wear AW22, Mr. Pierpaolo Piccioli, has got one thing monopolising his mind and it’s global domination. Unfolding this month, a dedicated series of initiatives and installations from guerrilla projections to worldwide physical activations are set to put the illustrious think-pink collection on the world’s stage. From Seoul and Singapore, to Aranya and Bangkok, across Europe and stateside too, a plethora of metropolises will give a nod to the maison’s absolute mastery of colour.

In Paris, a unique façade wrapping of the Valentino Rue St. Honoré boutique will metamorphose the abode into something utterly unmissable, and in London the audacious hue will infiltrate the city’s iconically crimson double-decker buses and phone booths to have them dripping in fuchsia rather than red.

Some cities will also surrender to Pink PP with pop-up shops and boutique takeovers: retailers including London’s Selfridges, Antonia in Milan, and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, among others, are set to support the collection by transforming their stores into Valentino pseudo-enshrinements with colour encapsulating interiors and devout window displays. At Selfridges in particular, the in-store cinema will preside over a unique Valentino Pink PP club night. In Milan, at the famed queer nightclub Plastic, PP Pink will become the protagonist and a whole slew of other notorious discotheques worldwide will follow suit. Plus, in a bid to emphasise the timeless identity of Pink PP, a Certificate of Authenticity will be provided in selected stores worldwide and on Valentino’s website, giving value to the creative process of these iconic pieces as they augment over time.

But if you can’t make it down to any of these effervescent big-city bops, the maison’s digital endeavours have got you covered. Freshly interpreted by a number of creative minds across photography, art and videography, the electrifying hue gives way to inclusivity, interactivity and alternate perspectives within the pigment-rich narrative, inviting those who’ve fallen for Pink PP to uncover new, imaginative meaning in the reverie.

Concocted in league with the Pantone Colour Institute, Pink PP by Valentino is radically monochromatic and feels truly totalising. It’s an unexpected way of conceiving colour: a sign, a code, an identity; a style statement so powerful it is positively unreplicable. When it comes to Piccioli, just about everything he touches turns to Pink PP – oh what a perfectly pink escapade.

Photography courtesy of Valentino.

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