Ten’s To Do: Flip Through The Pages Of ‘FILA: Timelapse’

Fila, the legendary Italian sportswear brand renowned for its unmistakable F-box logo, beckons us on a nostalgic voyage with its newest book, Fila: Timelapse. With roots reaching back over a century, Fila’s staying power – especially in a world that changes faster than anyone can keep up with – cements its place as a true legend in both sports and fashion.

Fila didn’t just stick to sportswear, it traversed tennis courts all the way to the soles of megastars such as Tupac Shakur, Grant Hill and Rihanna. Fila, kicks and clothes alike, have been making waves and turning heads like nobody’s business, propelling the brand to the peak of success. 

In Fila: Timelapse, published by Rizzoli, this legacy is vividly portrayed through lavish illustrations and expansive content, complemented by poems and writings from esteemed contributors like Jamie Fox, Silvia Calderoni and Jeph Burton, amongst others. These delve into the value and symbolic meanings of memorable Fila designs like Björn Borg’s polo shirt and Giovanni Soldini’s sailing jacket. It’s a true indulgence for readers to immerse themselves in the brand’s intricacies and captivating imagery – both editorial and advertorial. 

Feel free to explore the book at your own pace, whether following the index or jumping back and forth – no dancing is required, just a comfortable sofa to settle into as you delve into the rich and storied heritage of Fila. “Experimental, engaging, and informative” you won’t want to put it down. 

Photography courtesy of Fila.


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