Ten Loves: Fendi Mini Origami Bag

First seen amongst the flurry of exquisite colour that was Fendi’s SS24 show, the Mini Origami bag has proven itself a shapeshifting staple of the sophisticated woman’s wardrobe. A transitional accessory, it doubles as either a chic cubic bucket-bag or a spacious, flat, trapezoidal shopper. Launched alongside large and medium sizes, the petite purse is adorned with elegant elongated straps so that it can be slung effortlessly over the shoulder making day to night dressing an easy feat. It’s great for a boogie down at Dean Street Soho House and a walk through Hyde park the morning after; there is no occasion it can’t adapt to.

Intended to be worn during the sun-soaked summer months, the Mini Origami comes in an energetic palette of baby blue, chocolate brown, smooth slate, vibrant yellow, lush crimson and stark white.

If that’s not enough, Fendi has introduced an accompanying bag charm dubbed the Fendi Fortune Teller that’s shaped just like the famed childhood paper game. Soft bicolour nappa leather is sculpted into an origami amusement and its flaps are stamped with eight golden numbers and eight golden words that, when you follow the rules of the game, provide the answers to all your burning questions. A detachable addition, you can use it as a key ring or hook it onto the Mini Origami, the Baguette or Peekaboo; any bit of Fendi arm candy will do.

So what’s your fortune? Getting your hands on the Loewe Mini Origami bag. Shop here.

Photography courtesy of Fendi.


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