Sportmax: Ready-To-Wear SS23

If debutants went to raves they might wear Sportmax SS23. The collection riffed on the swags and drapes of old school gowns but reimagined them for acid house aficionados. Bustle-back satin skirts were worn low-slung on the hips, with psychedelic crop tops to show acres of midriff. That look was also shown as unisex – a first for Sportmax.

Eras collided. Full, fifties skirts were worn with oversized T-shirts bearing trippy motifs that brought to mind experimental album covers. Satin negligées were peeled down like dungarees, jackets fit more like cardigans with some deliberately rucked-up at the fastenings. Classic didn’t get a look in. Twinset? The Sportmax version came as a psychedelic print maxi T-shirt, with matching flares. It matched the mood: youthful and experimental.

Photography courtesy of Sportmax.

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