Scarlett Johansson Fronts Prada’s New Pop-Inspired Galleria Bag Campaign

Wandering through a Warholian wonderland, Scarlett Johansson is drenched in vibrant hues. By her side sits the Prada Galleria, an apt, expressive and eternal icon of the maison, now recontextualised through colour. 

A sleek and timeless handbag first conceived in 2007, the Galleria serves as a mirror to the transforming world around it; its silhouette, a canvas for exploring mosaics of shades and abstract patterns. The bestselling bag has been a successful carryover signature bag since its start, and this spring, a selection of eight, new and exclusive, limited-edition Galleria styles are entering into the fold, embellished with bold, geometric shapes printed on its smooth Saffiano leather. 

Splattered with contrast layered squares, asymmetric triangles and curvaceous orbs, the bag mimics Johansson’s innate ability to transform and embody multiple personas through her on-screen characters. Its design directly reflects the punchy, colour-blocked background of the accompanying campaign; its tables, mirrors and stairways to nowhere, seeping into the Prada Galleria’s soft body. Just as Johansson becomes a reflection of something separate from herself, the Galleria does too, as if floating through a pop-art gallery, transforming, mutating and becoming the gallery itself. 

Dubbed, The Glass Age, the campaign – created by Venezuelan-American conceptual artist Alex Da Corte – is centred around notions of echoes and reflections which Prada considers to be the “glass of fashion”. “The Glass Age is an era in which our world is formed through physical and metaphorical windows, from shop windows to screens; in the Glass Age we animate the objects of our desire through our attention, we give them life behind the glass,” Da Corte explained to WWD. “Glass is an aid in the development of fantasy. The product is an icon and the subject is an icon, becoming all she can be, in all her complexity.”

Through the surrealist universe, the multi-award-winning actor and her bag transform with fresh hairstyles, makeup, ensembles and hues, framed and reframed by a sublimation of the everyday, exploring the same sentiments of humanity in an inanimate object that Johansson brings to her work. 

Photography by Alex Da Corte.

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