Robert Wun: Couture SS24

In the past few weeks, Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s time honoured hit “Murder on the Dancefloor” has been doing the rounds, owed primarily to a phallus-flapping final scene in the love-it-or-hate-it, candy-covered thriller, Saltburn. With murder apparently being the theme of the moment, London-based designer Robert Wun has given the masses what they clearly want, presenting his spine-chilling couture offering inspired by all the killer things “people do for love”.

Drawing on a gore-soaked palette of scarlet, black, ivory and the occasional pop of blue or pink, Wun sent 24 masterfully crafted silhouettes down the runway, each drawing inspiration from productions like American Horror Story and Beetlejuice. Gowns and wide-brimmed hats were spattered with glamorous yet gruesome blood-red crystals, whilst shards of glass snaked down coat dresses and covered faces. The final look was part dress, part demon and saw the faceless entity caught red-handed as it sewed the final touches to the model’s plunging velvet gown. The offering gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, “If looks could kill.”

What makes Wun such an exciting designer is his ability to play to his strengths whilst simultaneously pushing his aesthetic forward. His signature glass raindrops made a few welcome appearances, whilst his use of umbrellas from previous seasons were reimagined as sharp-edged hats. His aptitude for pleating was still obvious, this taking form as both cascading details and sharp peplums. Terrifyingly triumphant, this collection will haunt your dreams. 

Photography courtesy of Robert Wun.

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