Step Inside Richard Malone’s Exhibition at the NOW Gallery in London


Walking up the Greenwich peninsula feels like stepping into a space station in some galaxy far, far away. Metal structures popping up left, right and central, blocking the view of the “old London” and creating a totally new outlook on the city. Caught in the midst of these other-worldly construction, just in between the Greenwich tube station and the O2 Arena is the Now Gallery, a public exhibition space that’s now established as an arts space dedicated to spreading the word of emerging British designers and young contemporary artists. In the past couple of years designers like Phoebe English, Molly Goddard and Charles Jeffrey all had the opportunity to turn its futuristic space into an interactive, touch-friendly art installation of their own, each of them approaching it totally differently. With Molly, giant versions of her signature tulle dresses hung from the ceiling, inviting the visitors to embroider them, while Phoebe’s centrepiece, in gallery’s first ever fashion commission, formed a semi-abstract fabric made out of 70 kg of silver glass beads descending onto the floor.

The latest of Now Gallery’s fashion exhibitions stars the work of the NEWGEN genius that is Richard Malone. The young Irish designer is recognised for his incredible techniques and fabrications, and a totally unwavering approach to female form in a way that’s closer to art than to clothes, without losing the wearability factor or the sheer beauty of pieces he creates. His Now Gallery show is called RINSE, REPEAT and stands for an interactive multi-disciplinary installation consisting of three elements, creating a conversation around fashion, movement and art. The main part, irregular forms created out of stitched fabrics in eye-catching prints hanging from the ceiling become almost hypnotic, especially in the clear space, suspended between the glass, metal and concrete. They are inspired by his fashion designs and therefore allow the visitor to literally step inside his world, trying on these forms as Malone’s experiments and understanding all that happens inside one of his garments. And after you do so, there’s recordings of the designer’s private appointments as well as sketches and examples of sketches and research notes – all for you to consume and explore.

Rinse, Repeat by Richard Malone is open at the Now Gallery until January 27th. Admission free.


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