Inside 10: Rachna Shah Shows Us Her Desk

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the desk, you could say, is the pathway into the mind of the creative. Being the nosy bunch we are, we asked a group of our favourite designers, PRs and friends in fashion to let us inside their offices to see how they work. Expect pristine desks from the finest vintage dealers, the best stationary about, and of course, the occasional bit of clutter. Fashion folk are only human, after all…Today we step into the workspace of Rachna Shah, the newly appointed global CEO of KCD.

10: Where did you buy your desk?

RS: It was custom-created for the KCD NY offices when we moved there in 2018. The senior team has the L-shaped desk to allow for meeting space, or in my case more space to put papers and miscellaneous things! We are in an open plan environment, which is great for communication among the team.

10: Do you like a tidy desk or a messy one?

RS: I like a tidy desk, but I have a messy desk. I have yet to become completely paper-free, which is a goal of mine. I put things on my desk like magazines to make sure I stop and read them. If something is not on my desk, I tend to forget about it.

10: What’s the most sentimental thing you have on it?

RS: I keep personal notes from designers and clients up on my desk and, of course, pictures of my daughters.

10: What’s the proudest thing you’ve created while sitting at your desk?

RS: I am most proud of the announcements about the KCD team I have reviewed or written – promotions, new client announcements, agency expansion, new roles and responsibilities… My team is what brings me to my desk and keeps me motivated.

Photography courtesy of Rachna Shah. Keep your eyes peeled for more inductees to our Me and My Desk series. Taken from Issue 58 of 10 Men – ELEGANCE, GRACE, BEAUTY – out NOW. Purchase here.


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