Prada Open Their New Fondazione Restaurant

Tor3If there’s anything Italians know about that isn’t clothing, it’s cooking. Which is a cruel marriage really, but one we’re happy to endure with a napkin tucked under our chin(s) at Prada’s new restaurant Torre. Situated at the top of their extraordinary new Fondazione tower, architect Rem Koolhaas described the restaurant as ‘a collage of pre-existing themes and elements’. Sounds slimming. Combining works of art, design and furniture, the space includes a bar and restaurant area, meaning if you over do the pre-dinner beverages you need only be carried a mere ten feet or so to be served dinner. Which is a whole lot shorter than we’re used to.

The furnishings and works of art that adorn the interior would put most international design fairs to shame. Ignoring the fact the building itself is a work of art, conceived by multi-award winning architect firm OMA, restaurant Torre is the preverbial jewel in the crown. From Eero Saarinen’s iconic tulip tables to Jeff Koons paintings and elements from Carsten Höller’s The Double Club installation, this three tiered space is bursting at the seams with visual delights. Arguably the most impressive of all however, are the panoramic views from its floor to ceiling windows over Milan. Sat inside or on the outdoor terrace, guests can look out over the city between bites of their meal and glugs of their wine (we don’t sip). Which leads us to the food, as so many things do. Unfortunately we can’t go into full menu details but can relay that the food will be authentic and regional. And no, before you ask, we don’t know whether they serve pizza.

www.fondazioneprada.orgTor2 Tor1


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