Ten’s To Do: Grab A Bite To Eat At Harrods’ New Prada Caffè

Fashion fanatics and sweet treat enthusiasts will be equally delighted with the new Prada Caffè, which today officially opens at Harrods. Once you’re inside the Knightsbridge shopping mecca and have wormed your way through the fine jewellery and beauty departments that populate the store’s ground floor, you’ll be greeted by a mint green dining haven with an interior that looks just as delicious as the pastries on offer. The Milanese fashion giant has carefully curated every square metre of the space. From the chequered floor, which recalls the décor of the brand’s Bond Old Street store, to the plush green seats (not too dissimilar to those that line Fondazione Prada’s outdoor cinema in Milan), every element is quintessentially Prada.

A wall of cakes, chocolates, and sugary sweets, many of which feature with the brand’s triangle logo, greets you as you enter the Caffè. On the menu is a slew of Italian favourites served on Prada-stamped crockery, like Burrata with scapece zucchini and spaghetti with datterino tomatoes, and a broad choice of wines and cocktails are also available. If you’re going to wet the whistle, you may as well do it with Prada.

The Prada Caffè is open until January 7, 2024 at Harrods.


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