10 Questions With Niina, As She Releases Her Sophomore EP ‘100 Dollar Bill’

If you’ve been in search of a bold new artist to escort you to your next enticing summer function, then look no further than emerging electronic talent Niina. The singer-songwriter and producer is known as a one-woman band, creating all of her tantalising tracks alone. The anonymous creator shields her face from the public using pink objects, wishing to represent female empowerment and allowing for her roaring instrumentals to speak for themselves.

Now, Niina presents her sophomore EP titled 100 Dollar Bill. The five-track release arrives overflowing with sentimental souvenirs and euphoric tempos that act as a baseline for her upbeat floorfillers. The project allows the artist to reflect on the hardships of past relationships while showcasing unmatched vulnerability and displaying the power of female radiance with vigorous energy. Here we sit down with Niina to talk about the project.

  1. If you could make the theme song for any superhero – which one would you choose?

“Wonder Woman, ‘cus she’s a boss.”

  1. What’s the secret to your perfect pink hair?

“A flamingo diet.”

  1. What does a typical day look like to you?

“A good day would be a proactive day of writing, walking around, exercising and coming up with some visual concepts.”

  1. What’s one thing you can’t leave the house without?

“Headphones – forgetting these would be a disaster.”

  1. What’s your go-to studio look?

“Likely my PJs.”

  1. What’s one song guaranteed to get you dancing?

“Idontknow” by Jamie xx. It’s just the best.”

  1. What is your favourite memory from making your debut EP 100 Dollar Bill?

“This is such a hard question because I’ve shared really sentimental moments with each individual track, all in completely different ways. Having said that, “Fragile” really sticks out to me as a truly cathartic experience. It was such a delicate and emotional time for me and I feel the song really expresses that in its rawest form.”

  1. If 100 Dollar Bill came with a signature scent, what would it smell like?

“Sweet and strange.”

  1. Which song from 100 Dollar Bill are you the most excited to perform live?

I think “Miss Me”, the talking parts really get to me and I hope being in that live environment will be a very euphoric and meaningful experience.”

  1. What’s next for Niina?

“I’ve got a lot of tunes waiting to be let out in the world that I really can’t wait to share. Apart from that, I’m really looking forward to starting with the live shows.”

Stream ‘100 Dollar Bill’ on all major streaming platforms now. 


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