Nasir Mazhar: Online Shop Launch

On the 4th day of Christmas (December) I am giving to you Nasir Mazhar. I mean, who cares about calling birds anyway? Well I lied slightly, I’m not actually giving you Nasir. Although who wouldn’t want their own Nasir? In anticipation of Christmas Nasir is launching an online shop  on December 7th stocked high with menswear, womenswear and accessories. Like the star of Bethlehem many will travel far and wide to wonder at the marvels available on the site. As if Nasir goodies were not already appealing enough all the products online will be exclusive to the online shop. And shipping worldwide. So no excuses. If my secret Santa is reading this I have my eyes on the transparent snakeskin jacket. Just a nice subtle look to do my groceries in. Visit the site now and drop subtle hints to your own secret Santa.


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