MSGM: Ready-to-wear SS17

RUFFLE AND ROLL, DONT STOP. That’s the MSGM SS17 rule. Never stop, never look back. Moving forward, literally, at a very fast pace. Massimo Giorgetti’s models were on the move. Crochet string and neon netting felt sporty against wet hair. Hot floral prints peeked out under skin hugging mid length tunics slit up the side to reveal calf skimming bike pants. Tiered camisoles hung asymmetrically over t-shirts. It was a new girl rave, we were in the MSGM club, neon there neon everywhere. Multicoloured ombré pleat skirts flew around legs, defying gravity above scuba style sandals. Flashing bolts of limes and oranges got our adrenaline going. MSGM our new drug of choice, it’ll keep us going through the night to the wee hours of the morning and beyond.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans

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