Miu Miu: Ready-To-Wear AW23

Talk about rounding off the season with a bang. Miuccia Prada closed Paris Fashion Week with a barnstorming AW23 Miu Miu show full of wit and wardrobe ideas. Her models took to the catwalk with static-mussed hair and looked like they’d dressed in such a hurry that they’d forgotten the bottom halves of their outfits. The main take-away? Pull up a pair of knickers over icky-coloured (sludge brown, olive green) sheer tights, step into your sling-backs and go. Walk with confidence – a neat little bag nestled in the crook of your jutting arm – and hopefully nobody will notice you’re only half dressed.

The look was quickly dubbed “Frazzled Englishwoman”, which after a month of fashion shows is an archetype we could identify with, in all her chaotic glory. Tights pulled up over tops (oops!), a sheer slip instead of a skirt (yikes!), hoodie and knickers with a coat over the top (help!). Mrs Prada was on fashion faux pas roll, even reviving the only-just-dead, Covid-era trend of athleisure leggings, hoodie and trainers. This show, which ignited the micro-skirt trend was at it again, with a powerful new styling flex. Emma Corrin closed the show in style, stalking the catwalk in a pair of sparkly knickers, a beige poloneck and click-clack mules. Afterwards Mrs Prada admitted that if she was in her twenties, she’d be going out in her panties too. Frazzled, but fabulous.

Photography courtesy of Miu Miu.


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