The Matches Fashion Podcast Makes a Comeback

Matches Fashion has continued to bring us art, culture and fashion throughout its 30-year history. Now, the retail titan enters the world of audio. With a slew of successful podcasts already in the works, Matches is bringing us a relaunched podcast to enjoyed during lazy mornings or late tube rides home.

Exploring the intersecting universe of art and fashion, the Art Matches Fashion franchise has launched an updated podcast that will feature different designers and artists that have made outstanding impacts in the creative world. Its monthly episodes will celebrate the creativity and synergy that come from these two colliding universes, packed with thought-provoking conversations between diverse creative minds that have formed today’s cultural agenda.

Gabriela Hearst is the first designer up to play. Her namesake ready-to-wear label aims to bridge the gap between timelessness, quality and sustainability, combining them all into one. As the inaugural designer for the series, she has called upon American friend, artist, photographer and filmmaker Laurie Simmons.

In the first episode of the series, the pairing will indulge in conversation about their mutual inspirations, their ways of working and the journeys that have led them to where they are today. The listening experience aims to unearth thoughts about artistic inspiration and working methods, whether it’s through clothing, art, or anything in between.

Listen to ‘In Conversation, A Matchesfashion Podcast’ via Apple Music and Spotify here

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